Sunday, 2 March 2014

Wake up call

Yesterday our morning started at 6am. 
Not to bad except for us it's the one morning we sleep in. Again still it wouldn't have seemed so bad. However... 
I went to sleep Friday night thinking the fan on my laptop was running. 
When our delightful kitty decided to wake us up yesterday morning I still heard what I thought was my computer. I thought well I need to get up and shut that off because it sounds like it must be really hot if it's still running. 
As soon as I stepped out into the hallway I realized it wasn't my computer. 
Right away hubby took off to find the cause and realized our washing machine sprung a leak. Yep that's right it had been running all night long. 
Yep you guessed it again we had a minor flood. 
Our laundry room was flooded, and the water had run down into the basement and flooded the mechanical room. 
So around we ran wiping up water and pushing it into the drain in the basement. 
We actually are very thankful and very lucky. Nothing, I repeat nothing was ruined. 
Other than a mess of stuff everywhere we lost nothing. 
Then when hubby investigated what happened we found out that simply it was a hose that sprung a leak. 
Here is the room all tore apart. 
Just a wee bit of laundry to do again. :)

Now tonight with the machine fixed and running and room put back together. 
Now just to catch up on laundry yet again. Lol
Good thing I love to do laundry. 


  1. Yikes!! Glad it was a simple fix :)

    1. Oh Aurie we are so thankful that it was just a hose and nothing major was ruined in the process. We were really worried it was going to be a new washing machine and that just wasn't in the budget. :)