Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Itching to play in the dirt

Since it has been so much warmer that last few days, I am really starting to get the itch to see what is happening in our yard.
Since we moved in the middle of winter and everything was/is covered in snow, it is awfully hard to know how we want to put our stamp on it.
So I have been busy on my favorite on line dream place ( Pinterest) and have been busy thinking of what I would like.
Here is a few of them.

 ~love the rustic feel~
I love the rustic feel of this one. We have some rather old buildings that I might be able to savage one of them and do this to it.

How to build a faux stone walkway for under $40

Our pathway is plain old concrete slabs. I think this would spice it up fairly cost effectively.

Outdoor recycling and trash storage solution

Organization  is key here. I love how it is all covered as well, but easy to clean out.

A use for found tires. Hang on the potting shed/garage wall

I think this is so pretty. I would definitely love these in my yard.

Rain chains are a beautiful and functional alternative to traditional, closed gutter downspouts. Guiding rain water visibly down chains or cups from the roof to the ground, rain chains transform a plain gutter downspout into a pleasing water feature. From the soft tinkling of individual droplets to the soothing rush of white water, they are a treat to listen to.

I definitely want some rain/wind chimes. I love the sound of these so peaceful.

Great idea! Hide the downspout by building a trellis around it

Isn't this a cool way to hide those ugly downspouts.

Dream Deck
Well since I am dreaming anyway. Right? I wonder if I could convince my handsome hubby to build this for me this summer. lol

What a cute way to add color to your yard. Would look really cool in the winter as well against all that white snow. :)

I'm linking up today with Angie for List it Tuesday. Come over and see what others have to list today.


  1. I love the trellis to hide the downspout!

    1. Isn't it cool? Such a neat way to hide something not so pretty. :)

  2. I am in love with the downspout, the rain/wind chime and those purple balls. Thanks for sharing these. I am off to pin!!!!

    1. Hubby saw those purple balls and liked them as well so hopefully. :)
      I am glad you enjoy them. :)
      Thank you for stopping by!!!!

  3. Ooh! There are some great ideas here! We may *hopefully* be signing papers to purchase a home this week, and I'm reaaaally anxious to get a garden going there. Love the inspiration here!

  4. Awe thank you!! A new home so exciting!! Is this your first? Nothing like making it your own!! Good luck, Fingers crossed for you!!

  5. OOOh.....so ready for Spring after reading this list!!

    1. LOL I am so itching to get out there. More and more snow leaves everyday so I am often out there checking to see what's what.