Wednesday, 31 August 2011

3 in 30 wrap-up

Ok so it is the end of the month so time for an update on my 3 in 30 (or 31) this month.

1.  Read the bible in 90 days.
This has gone great I am actually ahead of schedule. I am just starting the book of Esther. What an informative and revolutionary trip I am taking. I think about His Word all the time now. I am working on making sure my words and actions reflect that. I still want to work on prayer. I am not very good at that. It just does not come naturally and I often find I stumble for words but I am working on it.

2. Get the school room ready and everything ready to go back to school.
Again this was successful. The room is all done and since we started school on Monday I am enjoying being in there. I am so happy we are able to have an actual room to be able to work from since when we are done for the day we shut the door and do not have to worry about it till the next morning or until I go in there for more work as it is also my scrapbook room and my sewing room.

3. Work on menu planning and being more budget friendly.
Ok this for the most part worked not bad. When Rob is home and we were out doing things we tended to eat out for lunch and at some points we even had take out for supper. However I did use some coupons and I was really careful not to buy junk when I had to go restock with milk and bread. I was thrilled to use up some of the stuff in the house and provide a healthy meal most every night. Plus on the bonus I would often make extra and then one to two nights a week we would have leftovers or eat them for lunch. I would say all all in all it was successful. I just did up the menu plan for September today and will do the big grocery shop on Friday. I plan to make alot more stuff at home and cut out alot more costs.
I also tried using vinegar for fabric softener and I LOVE it!!! I am so glad I took a chance and did that. Now also looking at more Green ways to make our life healthier and more thrifty.

Tomorrow my new 3 in 30.

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

First day of school!!! Redone!

Yay I am so happy that I decided to 'redo' the first day of school.
Obviously we can't undo it, but I thought a redo was in order and when I told S this morning she agreed. So after breakie a tiny bit of cleaning, supper into slow cooker and laundry into washer, S made a new sign herself this time, we headed outside for some pics.
This was yesterday with the sign I had printed off.

This is today, new sign she made, new attitude about school from both of us.

Much happier. So for kicks we did a very small photo shoot.

Sorry for the blurriness on this one, I was laughing when I snapped the picture. My crazy kiddo.
I love this one with her hair out of the pony.

So after the photo shoot we went back inside and got down to business. We prayed first thing then we did religion. This was fantastic and it was S's fav class of the day. Then she worked on her own for some social, science and a bit of LA. I stayed in the room with her and managed to get caught up on some of my paperwork.

Then lunch and we were done for the day.

I managed to clean house, make homemade cinnamon buns, apple cookies and diabetic choc chip cookies as well as a new granola bar recipe. All in all a very productive day. In fact it is just after 10:30pm and dishes are done and I have mostly caught up on my blogs so it looks like it might be a decent time for bed tonight. YAY!!!

It just proves to me more and more how much I need God in everything I do. Starting off with prayer in the school room today was by far the best thing I could have done. Thank you Lord for showing me again and having the patience in me when I think I can do it on my own.

PS Hubby is home!!!!!!!!!

Monday, 29 August 2011

First day of school

First day of school!!
Here is where I write that it was amazing, fantastic and made me so glad that we decided to homeschool S this year.
Not so much.
I got up, did my bible reading, made coffee and woke up S. She grumbled and grumbled some more and then grumbled some more. Finally she went and had breakfast. I then convinced her to get dressed so I could take first day pictures. ( In hind sight I should have just let her stay in her jammies. I mean that is one big advantage to being homeschooled right?) Anyway then I proudly showed her the sign that I printed off for the first day of Grade 8. I loved it and thought this would be a cool little photo op. Well her not so much.
She whined and complained and then so did I.
Finally outside to take some pics where she refused to hold the sign. So I got mad yep lost it, went a little nutso and headed inside to calm down and to fight away my tears.
I thought why am I doing this again? It is only the first day. We haven't even started the actual learning process yet. I felt so alone and. I want to do this, I need to do this but in that moment I let my fear overcome the situation. Instead of taking some pics of her in her jammies and then letting her make the sign or redecorate the sign I wanted to do it my way. Story of my life. So I prayed and asked God to be with me and her, something I should have done first thing.
I called her in and talked to her and then we went back outside took some really nice pics and started 'school'. I wanted this week to be pretty light as all her friends do not even go back to school till Wednesday anyway. So we just did math and home ec.
We than had a bite to eat and before we were done that her friend came over and away they went. Till after 5 tonight.
Now on a side note the actual lessons went pretty good. It was a lot more hands on than I was expecting, but in some ways that is really good. I enjoyed watching things click in her mind. I am hopeful that things will settle down more next week.

Now for tomorrow I am going to kinda start the 'first day' over again. This time start with prayer. I also did up the first religion lesson so we will be doing some of that tomorrow as well. I am more excited now than afraid. As always I need to lay my fears at the Lord's feet and not think that I can control anything. This is all in his hands and by His plan.

Tomorrow pics??

P.S. Hubby comes home tomorrow!!!!!!

Sunday, 28 August 2011


Tomorrow is the first day of homeschooling. Can hardly wait to see what kind of adventures God has in store for us. I will keep you posted to let you know how it goes.

I must admit I am a little nervous ( just a tad) (hardly any at all) ( ok petrified) that things will not work out at all. At the end of the week I am saying why did I do this and S is freaking out cause I ruined her life. The only thing I can do is lay this at God's feet and pray he leads me/us in the direction I/we need to go.

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Treasured time together.

I have elderly parents. My Dad will be 87 in November and my Mom will be 83 in January. I face the fact often that I will not have them around forever and in fact the days that we have left together are shorter.
My parents live 2.5 hours away. Not much really so why do I never go there to visit? I feel guilty about this yet still I let life get in the way. I LOVE spending time with them. I have met up with them lots and try to see them more often, I make plans in my head and then get lazy and stay home. Now why when I know I have less and less time to spend with them do I not visit them more???? I don't know. I just know I have to change that.
Soooo today it was off to make memories at the Blueberry festival in St. Walburg.
This time I was smart and brought my good camera. This is my 'Papa'. I am the only one of the siblings that calls him that, but I have been doing for so long now I have no idea when I started. This man has taught me so much in life. From how to love and make a marriage work to how to change a tire and feed cows, or lay down bedding for the cattle, even feed the gophers. :)   He is a man of few words and I have only seen him get truely angry a handful of times. He has a soft heart and loves, loves, loves his grandkids and totally loves being a grandpa. I see him in all my brother in laws and even in my own handsome hubby but none of them are totally like my papa. This man farmed for many many years until they decided to move to town where he 'retired'. He can still be seen on the golf course for a couple rounds of golf every weekday during the summer and up until about 5 years ago he walked all 18 holes. He curls all winter long and was very active in the bowling as well. He would show off to his grandkids how strong he was by doing single handed pushups and also grabbing onto a post and lifting himself completely horizontal off the ground.

This is my Mom!! She is such a beautiful lady. This women gave birth to 6 babies over the span of almost 22 years. She has taught me so much such as how to keep a good house, look after and love your husband, look after and love your babies, sew, cook, bake, how to be there when your needed most without being asked. She help care for her own aging Mom who lived to be 100. She has endured so much in her life and her spirit is still so strong. She has cared for her family and been the matriarch and one that we all go to.
She has baked countless batches of buns and goodies for us all and sewed many a quilts and clothes. Treasures that we will have forever.

This couple will have been married 63 years this December. Truly something for my handsome hubby and I to work towards achieving.

And now these weary feet can rest.
Now it is our time to assist you.
How many miles must you have walked?
Relax and know that we love you and will care for you.

Friday, 26 August 2011

Deep thoughts...or not.

I have been thinking today about all the things I was going to blog.
First I thought I would talk about adoption and all that was happening in that area. Where I felt the Lord was leading us, etc.
Than I thought I would talk about the fact that we will officially be a homeschooling family starting Monday of next week and that I might link up with the Not back to school hop about what I am hoping an average day will look like around here. Honestly I still don't know the answer to that one.
Than I thought I would talk about how I loaded up the link for S to do her homeschooling on to the laptop today and she started to get so excited to actually start school. Now since this girl was in K I have not seen her this excited. It just reconfirms that God is totally leading this.
Than I thought maybe I would discuss about my week, put pics on, show the pancakes I made for S on Monday so she would have a nice nutritionist breakfast for her first day of dance camp, or maybe show my kitty sleeping on the bathroom counter. ( I will post pics of these later, just not today. )
Maybe talk about my 3 in 30.
And then...
Then I read Michelle's post and I decided that I could do with some caffinated wonderings myself.
Especially since today I drank 2 cups of coffee, 1 cup of french vanilla capp and 1 cup of tea. I needed my some caffeine. LOL
So here I am linking up with her.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for the fact that I finally decided to start blogging. I realise that this may seem corny to you but to me it has been very therapeutic and informative. I have been absorbing so much information this past 6 weeks.
I have learned new recipes, fun and interesting ideas on crafts for home, and to do with my children.
I have stumbled across different blogs on adopting and got lots of info on different countries and different guidelines. I found out about something that I never knew before and that was the waiting child program in different countries.
I have been able to "connect" with individuals that have very similar passions and beliefs as mine.
I have been able to read about reading the bible in 90 days. I printed off a challenge and I am taking it and loving it.
I have been able to explore many different avenues.
Reach out to other moms about homeschooling.
I am so thankful that the Lord has guided me this way.

I decided to link up with Brandy at Marathon Mom today for Thankful Thursday. (just another reason why I love blogging)

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

My handsome hubby turns 41.

Man I love this guy! This picture was taken of him this past June for our son's grad.

This amazing man works away from home 8 days gone 6 days home. He sacrifices so much to provide for our family. He misses birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, reunions, special events, dance recitals, basketball tournaments. He misses out on all that just so we can have a steady income, a roof over our heads, food on our table, allows me to be a SAHM, and helps us have the ability to adopt.

I am a lucky woman and thrilled to be standing next to him supporting him in everything he does.

Happy Birthday my angel!!! I love you so much. Thank you for allowing me to celebrate these past 21 birthdays with you.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011


So I am trying something new today and attempting to add photos of the last week, with Bran's birthday and the driving range on Sunday afternoon.
This is the birthday boy. We all went out for supper to celebrate the fact that our middle son is now 18. I did not bring my good camera for any of these pics so iPhone pics it is. Here he is humouring me.

He loves being sung Happy Birthday to, especially in the place where he works. Hahaha, oh well, it just means we love him.

This is my sweet shot of the day. I love, love, love this pic of my kids. They are all growing up so fast and I am thrilled that they wanted to get together to help B celebrate his day. Hard to believe that they are almost 20, 18 and 13 now. Makes me yearn even more for more children to fill our lives. 

This is a crazy pic of our crazy kid whom we love so much. Brandon you are becoming an amazing man, I can't hardly wait to see all God has in store for you.

Ok so far so good, now here is the pics from our afternoon Sunday. after S and I went to church my handsome hubby and M met up with us and we went to the driving range and then off to the Ukrainian village. At the village it was just to hot to think about taking pics so only have some memories captured at the driving range.

Three of the four loves of my life. My handsome hubby, my oldest and Sarah.

I just love the look of concentration on my girlies face. She wanted me to take pics of her.

Yay!!! I was successful. Now that I maybe know what I am doing I can post more. Slowly I will be adding more to this blog to make it more my own.

Feed back is always appreciated so feel free to leave a comment.

Sunday, 21 August 2011


What a beautiful day spent with 4 of the 5 of us. Woke up and did some of my B in 90 days, then get ready and S and I rushed off to church. Afterwards my handsome hubby and Matt met us in town for some driving range action at the golf course. I have pictures that hopefully I can figure out and download some this week and then we decided to go and visit the Ukrainian Cultural Village.

Then off to Vegreville to Wal mart to try and find a movie to buy, supper and then home to watch the movie. Great day with loved ones. Many memories made.

I missed Bran, but I guess that is what happens as my family grows up and moves out. Kinda sucks some days.

All in all very nice. I am truly blessed.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Thankful Thursday

I am so thankful for so much today.
Today is my middle son's 18th birthday.
          I am thankful for what a beautiful young man he is becoming.
          I am thankful that even if he is not always walking the path that I would like he is walking the path that makes him happy and that I pray leads him to where he needs to be.
          I am thankful he is working.
          I am thankful he has a wonderful young lady for his girlfriend whom I actually really like.
          I am thankful that even though he was born 3 weeks early with an interesting start to life, (an emergancy c-section) he is healthy and has had very few health issues in life.
          I am also thankful that all 5 of us were able to get together to help B celebrate this wonderful day. A supper out and time with just us. That in itself is a huge huge treasure for me. So rare now and so joyful.
See so much to be thankful for.

I decided to link up this week with Brandy at Marathon Mom
Join us each week for Thankful Thursday at us each week for Thankful Thursday at

Monday, 15 August 2011

Ahhh friendship!!

I totally lived up to my bloggers name today. Woke up and did my bible reading today. I am zipping right along with my B in 90. Loving that!! Then off to my friends and away we went to town for some serious shopping for her. Very, very minor shopping for me. :) The laughter part well I tell you at one point we were laughing so hard when she stopped for us to go into a store we had to wait in the car to collect ourselves so we did not look like total crazy ladies walking in. Several times today I had tear pouring down my face. So much for my carefully placed make up today. What a great time. I love this lady, she makes me laugh so much and I also love that we are very very often on the same wave length. My only sadness is that she does not share my faith. However she is not oppressed to me sharing about mine with her so that is great.

Then spent a tiny bit of time with my sonny boy before he headed off to bed and a wee bit of time with my girly before it was bedtime for her as well.

Then a bit of bloggy reads and dishes done and now I sit to write this and off to beddy bye I will go.

I am so blessed to have not only an amazing family but also some really great friends. Friends that I can trust and do not judge me.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Happy Sunday!

Wow was it hot today. I mean like sticky gross heat. Thank the good Lord for the storm we are going to get tonight and cool things down.
Had a fantastic sermon at church today regarding the issue of 6 day creation vs theological evolution. To be honest I am in the middle. I truly believed that God created earth and everything in it. One just has to look around you to see that. Such as a baby in a womb. A beautiful sunset, fall leaves, so on and so on. However I also believe that we have many scientific fact stating how we have evolved. By evolved in my view I mean that although we have been created by God in his image we also have adapted and changed somewhat in our environment.
Oh and on a side note we have a beautiful baby dedication at church this morning. Now normally I just love these things but today, well today was unexpectedly special this morning. This morning was a baby dedication for a pretty newborn adorable baby boy that had both his birth parents there and his adoptive parents there. Yep you heard me right both sets of family were there. I was teary eyed. Not only thinking of the joy that these parents have to be celebrating the birth of their son that they have so long prayed for but also how devastating it would be for the birth parents to watch someone else raise their son. How courageous is that. Wow it really made me speechless. It made me think to when we will be hopefully be getting our new children and how wonderful it will be to dedicate them and share the joy with others and yet how hard it will be on their birth parents. I pray that even now if there is a birth mom out there that God is pointing in our direction that He will help her with her decision and stand with her and the birth dad. I pray they find the strength to let go of their baby/children so that we may be entrusted with their care.

So I did say it was hot today right. LOL soooooo hot. well in the 30s (90sF) too hot for this chicky when I am not relaxing beach side. However like a also said there is a storm tonight. And what a beautiful light show there was to see. Unfortunately when Matt and I tried to go take  pics I was unsuccessful. Oh well maybe next time. Maybe after my new camera? Hint hint hubby. hahahah. I love you my angel.

Well off to bed for this lady. Off to town with a friend tomorrow. Looking forward to some friend time with her. We are both so busy lately that our schedules have not really met up so this will be some nice quality time.

PS did some messing around and changed things on here. What do you think of the new changes?

Saturday, 13 August 2011

A date with my daughter.

This morning was Sarah and mine monthly card making class. We drive to town once a month and make 3-4 cards each. Now the price for these is pretty cool, if we only want to make cards occasionally and not be a part of hostessing ( every month is a different ladies turn and even though we always hold it at the same place each lady supplies lunch for all of us in turn for being the "hostess"), and then we would only have to pay 10/person and that is that. If we choose to be part of the hostessing then on course one month a year we have to supply a meal and then in turn we order a minimum 30 dollars worth of stampin up product. Now since I am new to and fell in love with scrapbooking you can just imagine what route we take. Now saying saying that I decided not to have Sarah be apart of the hostessing as I might not always take her and then I would have to pay my monthly order for her anyway and that as you can imagine would get expensive and some months are just draining on the pocket book so that way I am only commited to 30 per month. Anyway...boy I really can month is my turn to host and I must say I am getting a little excited about it. I finally get to order my big ticket items for WAY less. and maybe, just maybe some free product as well!!! WhooHOOOOOOO!!!! Just in time for the church scrapacinos ladies to start up again. :)

So other than that I was fairly lazy today. Did a bit of regular tiding up not hard to maintain now that currently I don't have any littles living here. The main course was leftovers so only had to make the two side dishes which was easy peasy. Sarah and I did dishes and watched a movie. Nice relaxing day.

On a side note regarding my 3 in 30

I caught up with my bible reading and I am back on track!!! I am so happy about that. I even got up an extra 45 min early this morning so that I could bath and spend time reading his word. How I am loving this. Yes I have questions for sure, but just the sheer fact that I am spending time learning about HIS WORD is wonderful. I feel more calm. Now don't get me wrong there is still many moments in a day when I want to and do in fact lose my cool, but I do believe I am starting to level out more.

I also had to run to the grocery store today as we were almost out of milk and the only thing that I bought besides milk was some flowers. I am so proud of myself. Now yes you could argue with me and say that I did not need to buy the flowers and you are right I probably didn't but oh how I love to look at fresh flowers on my table. I am thinking if I am cutting back on needless grocery expenditures that maybe just maybe I can splurge for fresh flowers maybe once a week or even once a month. We will see, but I sure hope so. It just feels more homey with them here.

The one thing that I seem to really be struggling on is the school room but hey I still have time right. hahahaha
Now off to church tomorrow. Sarah is working in the nursery. Something she volunteered for herself and is loving it. She spends one Sunday a month in there and usually one Sunday a month at Stay and Play ( which does not happen during the summer months.) I think it is a great idea and way for her to get involved in the church besides her youth group which should start up again in another month or so.

Well off to bed as morning seems to come earlier and earlier. I guess that is what happens when I am starting to kick my own butt out of bed in the mornings so I can have quiet bible time. But oh it has been soooooo worth it. ( And I love love love my sleep)

Friday, 12 August 2011

I am so happy, so happy so happy. :)

It was a great day! I accomplished everything but one that was on my list today and even two things that were not on the list I manage to squeeze in.
My girlie and I made homemade cinnamon buns and let me say YUMMY!!! I cleaned and organized and threw tons of stuff away. Can I hear a OH YEA!! for decluttering. That has been my goal this summer. Declutter and reorganize. Hopefully I can stay motivated.

But the real reason I am so happy is...
Wait for it...
Are you ready???

I finally made contact with the social services adoption lady! She is coming out to meet us next Thursday which by the way is my middles 18th birthday! ( maybe a sign?? hahaha)
So since she was coming out I thought it was time we told our youngest our plan. I had held off telling her for awhile cause lets be honest it is awful hard to keep a secret that you might be getting new siblings and we just don't want everyone to know yet. Yes I know I am writing it on here and this is a public blog but lets face it who really reads this but my handsome hubby and he knows all this stuff already. Wow how I can ramble, anywhoooo Rob and I talked and it was agreed on that I would tell her. She was so excited. Right away she put in the order for a baby sister. I told her that it doesn't quite work that way. She really didn't seem to mind. She wanted to know if she was going to be a babysitter, I told her yes sometimes she would be. She then asked if she would get paid, I informed her no she would not be. She tried to haggle but I informed her that in this household we don't get paid to look after family.
All this makes me so happy!! It is FINALLY getting started. Someday when I have more time and energy I will write a post telling you all how we came to this decision but for now...Well you read about all I did do today right? So I am a little tired and tomorrow is Card making day for Sarah and I in town. So early morning as I want to do my devotions before we leave the house by 8:30. 
So night night everyone.

PS so happy!!!

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Keeping it real.

So all in all today was a great day. My 3 in 30 seems to be going really well. I am faithfully reading my bible. Although I did discover or believe that I discovered that the B in 90days is using a condensed bible version and I am not. However my goal is not really to read the bible in 90 days but to just read the bible. This challenge is great for me because well yes I am just a tad competative. Just a wee bit. So even though no one I know is actually doing this right now I know it can be done so why can't I do it as well.

I sorted out my junk drawer in the kitchen today and reorganized it but the biggest of all is I cleaned out our build in china cabinet and made it WAY more user friendly. I am so happy about that!! Sarah and i also did some jars up so we just have to add the wet ingrediants to the bread maker, dump in a jar of powder and voila Bob's your uncle. We also made up a jar of apple cinnamon pancakes. Although I do not care for pancakes myself I know my family does so I decided to switch it up a bit and see what they thought. Maybe next weekend.

So like I said before I am keeping it real.
I was reading a wonderful ladies blog today actually it is one of the first blogs I started reading and she talked about struggles with daily activites, such as house cleaning, not wanting to scream at her children, etc, all while being a Christian and feeling like somehow we should be better than that.

So here I go, although today was great in that I was in a fantastic mood and was really appreciating my family I thought about my children, more specifically my middle.
I love that boy so much. He is so kind hearted, generous, loving, an amazing sense of humour with an uncanny ability to make everyone laugh and yet we struggle. He moved out very shortly after he graduated this year. I truely believe that he just wanted to be away from the rules that I set up here. We don't believe in having parties, especially underaged drinking parties. We don't enjoy overnighters after a certain age. That seems to me like it just screams trouble. We always enforced a bedtime even up through grade 12. So I really believe for him it was too constricting. Now all being said I am thrilled that he is growing up. I am excited for him, truely! I am just so worried about the path that he is on. I know I just have to trust God that it will all work out I still want to have him under my control again so that I can protect him. Oh the joys of motherhood. HAHAHA. I know that when he sorts things out he is capable of amazing things and I can not wait to see them happen.
Oh LORD give me patience and please protect my little boy!
Oh how I love that boy/man.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

A tad bit of laziness today

Everything started great. I got up right when I wanted to you. I read the bible and even caught up some. I went on facebook and did my stuff and then I made a list of things to do today. All this while having my morning cup of coffee. See it all looks good right? But then I only did some of the things on my list, some I ignored cause lets face it I was just plain lazy.
Yes I did most of my laundry. And yes most of it is folded up and some of it is put away.
Yes I did clean up my kitchen, clean out the cereal cupboard, look up top of fridge for Sarah's report card (not there), go to clean up micro to find it was still really clean. However did not get around to junk drawer.
Yes I did make a brand new recipe for supper tonight that was loved by as all and it is soooo easy. Thank you to a fellow blogger for the recipe for Cheaty Baked Ziti. Sorry I don't remember who had the recipe. However did not get around to making cinnamon buns.
I did not get to my build in china cabinet, I did not get to my filing system, I did not get to my dayplanner or too my calender.
I did phone and make an appointment and got the correct number for the adoption office in town so called and left a message. (has not returned it so will call again tomorrow and the next day and the next day till someone talks to me)
I did manage to get S's sheets washed and she made her bed but I haven't gone in there to throughly ding (even a word? not sure.) it out yet.
Oh well there is always tomorrow. I also want to start working on my quilt that has been in the making for a few years. Would LOVE to have it done when hubby comes home.
See how list grows and grows and grows.
Oh but I really in truely love my job even if some days are lazier then others.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Loving life

It always amazes me sometimes what a wide variety of friends my hubby and I have. We went for lunch today with some great friends. My handsome hubby worked with him about 5 years ago and from there our relationship just grew. They are more then 10 years older than us and yet I consider them to be amazing, fantastic friends. We can talk for hours and never seem to get bored and always look forward to seeing them again. We also have younger than us friends and some of the same age. The problem that we seem to have is finding friends that have the same values and interests that we have and are in the same stage of age that we are in.

On another note I did up a menu plan for 3 weeks. I just couldn't do anymore days than that. I shouldn't have tried to do this at 10 at night. However 3 weeks is a start. Not only did I do a menu plan than I also wrote out my grocery list as I am taking hubby to the airport tomorrow so can go shopping at Cosco and to No Frills. Whoohoo for cost effective grocery shopping.

Well off to bed as I need my beauty sleep.
Night ya all.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Great time away

Wow with the storms, power outages, mini holiday away, I have not been on here for awhile. I haven't even had a chance to blog about my 3 in 30.

So to start with that :
1: Read the bible in 90 days.
I managed to find the challenge on line in a printer friendly verson so I printed it and started reading. Now in the first 2 days it went great, then my life got topsy turvy for a few days and although I am reading everyday since; I have not read my required readings for each day. I do plan once things get back on track to read some extra on certain days and get back on track. If not at least I am reading every day.

2: Get the school room ready and everything ready to go back to school.
I plan to finish sorting things out in there and setting a few things up as well and as as soon as the books come in sort it all out, try and figure out what days we will work on certain subjects. I also want to talk to some of the homeschool mom friends I have and ask what works for them.

3: Work on a menu planning and becoming more budget friendly.
I want to try and save some more money. We want to purchase our first house in the next year and if I can save some money I will try and do it. So I have been reading some blogs that talked about menu planning and to be honest when my kids were little we were SOOO broke so I did the same thing. Then time got away with me I worked away from home and last minute meals become more the norm. So now that I have decided to be more enviro friendly and budget friendly I thought a menu plan would be a great idea. I hope to have that up in the next couple days so I can go to the city for a big grocery shop. ( Prices are cheaper than our little town store)

I also want to try and take pics  and post them of our school room in the next day or so. Hopefully I can get that figured out soon.

Well gonna run off to bed as another fun filled day tomorrow and last day with my handsome hubby. :( Sad about that but it has been a great days off with him.

Night ya all.

Monday, 1 August 2011

Can you say hot?

Wow was it hot today!! I love the heat but wow!!! It got me started thinking about fall and sweaters and cozying up by fireplaces ( really really really wish I had one, so sweetie if you are reading this, hint hint. ).

So every year at the local fair they do a church service the sunday after where all the churches in town participate. So in otherwords all the congregations from all over town meet at the fair grounds for one large service. This is the first year that I went and I must say I am SOOOO glad I did. I am saddened that I haven't gone in previous years. What a blessing it was to be able to see all those diverse people coming together to praise our one and only almighty saviour!! What a privilege. I most definately am going back next year.

Then off to golf with friends. Now this might sound amazing and it was lots of fun but oh the heat!! I do believe I had a touch of sunstroke.

Oh I forgot to add that I started to read my bible more intensely last night. I started in John, why I can't really say other than I have heard that if you are not familar with the bible to start there so I did. Plus I also read a chapter of Proverbs. Then this morning before church and things got crazy I read some more of John. I am really enjoying digging deeper into his word and learning more. I can't wait.

Well since it was so hot today looks like we are gonna get one killer storm tonight so I will sign off for now. Tomorrow I will post my 3 in 30 for August so tune back then.

Hope everyone had an amazing Sunday!

PS Storm hit earlier than expected and had a power outage so had was unable to post my blog until now.