Monday, 29 August 2011

First day of school

First day of school!!
Here is where I write that it was amazing, fantastic and made me so glad that we decided to homeschool S this year.
Not so much.
I got up, did my bible reading, made coffee and woke up S. She grumbled and grumbled some more and then grumbled some more. Finally she went and had breakfast. I then convinced her to get dressed so I could take first day pictures. ( In hind sight I should have just let her stay in her jammies. I mean that is one big advantage to being homeschooled right?) Anyway then I proudly showed her the sign that I printed off for the first day of Grade 8. I loved it and thought this would be a cool little photo op. Well her not so much.
She whined and complained and then so did I.
Finally outside to take some pics where she refused to hold the sign. So I got mad yep lost it, went a little nutso and headed inside to calm down and to fight away my tears.
I thought why am I doing this again? It is only the first day. We haven't even started the actual learning process yet. I felt so alone and. I want to do this, I need to do this but in that moment I let my fear overcome the situation. Instead of taking some pics of her in her jammies and then letting her make the sign or redecorate the sign I wanted to do it my way. Story of my life. So I prayed and asked God to be with me and her, something I should have done first thing.
I called her in and talked to her and then we went back outside took some really nice pics and started 'school'. I wanted this week to be pretty light as all her friends do not even go back to school till Wednesday anyway. So we just did math and home ec.
We than had a bite to eat and before we were done that her friend came over and away they went. Till after 5 tonight.
Now on a side note the actual lessons went pretty good. It was a lot more hands on than I was expecting, but in some ways that is really good. I enjoyed watching things click in her mind. I am hopeful that things will settle down more next week.

Now for tomorrow I am going to kinda start the 'first day' over again. This time start with prayer. I also did up the first religion lesson so we will be doing some of that tomorrow as well. I am more excited now than afraid. As always I need to lay my fears at the Lord's feet and not think that I can control anything. This is all in his hands and by His plan.

Tomorrow pics??

P.S. Hubby comes home tomorrow!!!!!!

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