Saturday, 30 July 2011

Carving out more time for his word.

So spend a nice chunk of the day reading and finding new blogs. And I read something today that really struck a cord in my brain. This wonderful lady said that less than 10% of proclaimed Christians have read the entire bible. We find time to do many other things but not read the bible. This really struck me. As I have said before I have struggled with my path.

I feel like there is times when God is shaking his head and saying come on Sherri you know better than that. Or saying 'Look child I you can do this I have shown you the correct path'.

I mean I have time to blog, time to read blogs, time to watch tv, time to quad, sled, swim, suntan, clean the house but I am having struggles trying to find time to read my bible. Now this is partly because I don't know where to start and how to go about doing it. Do I start at Genisis and work my way through or what? And partly because I am a tiny wee bit of a control freak and I am petrified about giving free rein to God. However in saying that I know I need to and it will make me a much more fullfilled women, wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend.

Sooooo.... That will be my first of 3 in 30 for August. Tomorrow I will do tons of researching and decide where to start and go from there. So stayed tuned not only to see how I have done but also what my other two items are.

Friday, 29 July 2011

What a bea u tiful day!!!!!!

What a fantastic day!!! Ok ok the start was not great, just can't seem to get up in the mornings, must be something to do with the fact that I am having a terrible time falling asleep. But I am trying to get to bed earlier every night so hopefully I can get back on a normal schedule.

Ok so now back to my great day. I did it!!! Its official!!! I signed Sarah up for homeschooling today!!!!!!!!! I am so excited!! : D. I think she is too but also a little nervous which I am as well. But yea yea yea!!!!! So in saying that as I went to go and grab her last years report card and birth certificate to register her today I could not find either and had to go without them. So I decided that after I dropped S off ( she went swimming and hanging with a friend today) I would go home and work work work on organizing my office. And...Voila...IT'S DONE!!!!!!!

Ok so maybe not Done done but so close I can taste it. I cleaned out the big filing cabinet that I never use except to store junk into and moved it into the school/craft room where it will be much more useful storing school supplies and scrapbooking stuff. Then cleaned out the desk and my little filing cabinet and threw away a couple garbage bags of junk and reorganized it better so it shall be more useful and then...wait for it...are you ready???

I started my very own FCS (filing crate system) I am soooooo pumped about this. Now in my dream world I would have fancy folders and corrospond them for the months and weeks but...I dont live in my dream world. My reality is that I had some new file folders that I had not used up and some that I could recyle so my and my trusty labeler got busy this afternooon and now I have a start to my own fcs. I unfortuately did not fully think this through and never got a grate or something to hold my files in so for now they are stacked neatly up on my desk so my desk still pretty much looks the same but... I have my very own fcs. Can you tell that I am a little pumped up about this? I even have some stuff in them such as my pumpkin stencils in the Sept/Oct file and the snowman soup and cake in the mug labels and recipes in the Nov/Dec files. March/April holds some accounting advice and my St Pattys sash. Things like that. Plus my next weeks file is starting to look full but I am really excited about putting it all into practice. And then maybe just maybe we can get a bit more organized, Something I think we are really going to need with S homeschooling, dance, gymnastics and youth this year.

Well since I did all that today my house looks like a tornado hit it so gonna clean tomorrow and then church and maybe golfing on Sunday. And then monday I get to tackle organizing the school/craft room.

I love it!!!!! Plus after all that I get the huge reward of hubby coming home on tuesday. I love my life!!! God is amazing!!!!!

Night ya all.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Parade, Kids day and 3 in 30

Wow what a day. Get us rush around like a mad person cleaning the fridge and taking the garbage to the curb, then quick shower, then hurry get ready and head out the door to take my girlie to town so she can be in the parade. Can you say slept in? Oops. Well in my defense I just couldn't sleep last night. Lots of tossing and turning not to mention as I said it was 1 before I even got to bed. So Oops again.

However...I got to see my baby in the parade again. This is such a cool experiance getting to see her do that. I waited and waited and then pow she was in front of me and then vroom she was gone. Oh well there is always next year and I did manage to take some pics. :)

On another great note I met with the homeschool register and we are off to town tomorrow again so Sarah can meet with her and we can possibly get her signed up and started. I am so excited about that. I think Sarah has her moments but I believe that there is more good moments than bad ones so I am happy about it.

Then I was reading some blogs today and I stumbed across Lynnette from and she talked about having a kids day, and I thought what a fantastic idea. I mean we do lots of fun stuff with our children but not ever an entire day just devoted to them so I am going to talk to Rob and see if we can do this come fall. I think once things settle down again it would be a great opportunity to get together and just celebrate them and their lifes. I have 3 blessings here on earth and 3 in heaven waiting for me to mother them when I get there. But for now I want to be the best Mom I can be for my beautiful ones here. So thank you Lynnette for the fantastic idea.

Plus in my blog reading journeys I have come accross the 3 in 30 and I really want to try that for August so now I just have to decide exactly what my first 3 are going to be. I hope to do this every month. Small baby steps first. I know one for sure is going to be about me being more open with my faith and try and let God lead me without me thinking I might know better. So stay tuned.

Well that is all for now, I came closer to finishing my laundry today but not quite so have to finish that off tomorrow but a few more tidying up. So until then.

Night Night.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Fair weekend.

Ok so it is the fair weekend here and what did I do tonight. Went into town and help decorated the float so Sarah could ride on it tomorrow. So back to town tomorrow we shall go so that she can do that and I can be the proud momma and watch her.

Then... hopefully back home so that I can finish cleaning the house and doing the laundry. Tomorrow is supposed to be the only day it doesn't rain this weekend so I want to get as much done as I can. Got a huge pile done today and finally found some of the kitchen. But so much more to do and here it is 10 to 1 in the morning and I am still up instead of sleeping and getting up early. :)

So off to bed I go and will talk to you all soon.

Later gators.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

I'm Home.

Awe finally back home for a moment. Had an interesting weekend but always glad to come back home. Laundry to do, house cleaning, bills to be paid, school stuff to be organized and life to get back on track. Now of course our track is a little bumpy with summer time and everything that is going on right now but still nice to be home. The only sad part is that hubby had to go back to work today.

Well will write more tomorrow when I am not so tired.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Time Flys

Wow has it ever been a while since I have been on here. Life just gets busier it seems. Sunday afternoon I took Sarah to camp for a week and Monday I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. Tuesday off to the city to pick up my handsome hubby and yesterday was spend running around like mad people trying to get everything ready as we are headed off to do some camping/quadding/fishing/relaxing time today.

So I probably won't be on here for the next few days but looking forward to posting about it when I get back.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

If God came tomorrow would you be embarrased?

This was the question our pastor asked us at church today. For me that was a very hard hit, the realization that yes I would be. Although I am a Christian, I have fallen far off by the wayside. I want to walk closer with God but am having very deep struggles from within. I am working on improving my relationship with him.
Our Pastor also asked us if we were fellowshiping. That if we were not to look around us at our friends and see if all of our friends were Christian and if they were we needed to expand our network of friends and find some that needed salvation. When I thought about it I realized that most of my friends are non Christians. So then I thought am I spreading the word enough and sadly realized that I am not. Although I think it is fantastic to expand our network I also believe that we also need a good support system and although I very much rely on God, it is also nice to have friends that have common goals and interests. I guess now I realise the reason I have been so lonely.

Soooo how do I go about changing that???

I am very shy. Although people that know me well do not believe that statement. I have a terrible hard time talking to someone that I am not overly close with. On the computer yes, via text yes, but face to face no. I am terribly scared of rejection. I want people to like me and I am totally scared about throwing myself out there and seeing their reactions. I am trying hard to work on that as I believe that is essential to do but oh so very hard. If people come up and talk to me I am better but still have a hard time but working also on that. I use my husband and my children as crutches. This way they can talk to them and take the focus off of me.

Well I guess the first step is knowing that right? LOL

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Awe home sweet home!

Wow what a crazy busy couple of days. Went to the city on Thursday and did some shopping, bought myself some new dressy sandles and a bunch of stuff from Scholar's choice. I love that store, such good resources. Then the evening at my sis's. Friday was gel nails and pedis with my sis and Sarah and then off to Joan's for the night for another visit with her and another sis. Then today it was the lake to visit my parents, two sis's, my daughter, a bro in law and family friend. Pretty fantastic weekend if I do say so myself. Tomorrow is church and then come home and get Sarah ready to head off to camp in the evening.

God is so good! I love being able to do so much with my family and to be able to give my children so many opportunities. I am so blessed to live in a country where I am freely allowed to worship Him and praise Him!! I love being able to take my kids to church and not only teach them about God but also the values and life lessons that come with that.

On a slightly different note am I ever missing my hubby. It has been 16 days since I seen him and it will be another 3 yet. Now we have done longer stretches of time but that doesnt stop me from missing him like crazy now. I would have loved to spent my birthday with him and just been able to hang out with him for the day, but I realize that work has to come first otherwise we would starve. :)

Well I suppose I should run as still have tons to do.
Have a great saturday night!

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Other Blogs

Wow I feel like I spent most of the day reading blogs today. I tell you there is some really amazing ones out there that I am getting tons of information on. Info on adoption, homeschooling, reading the bible in 90 days, etc. My mind is so full and yet I can hardly wait to try out of some of the stuff.

So other than that today was pretty calm. We slept in late and when Sarah finally got up and had breakfast we set aside her review lesson plan for the day and she went to work. This is going awesome and I am looking forward to heading up to the city tomorrow to pick up some of the things for the 'classroom'. We will also be stopping at the home town library. I know this is sad but this is a first for us and I am really excited about that. I love books and I love reading and if somehow I can pass that on to my children I would be thrilled. Matt does not overly care for it unless it is something he loves to ready, Brandon likes it quite a bit and I think that he would probably read for a past time. Sarah who has struggled with reading is not quite enjoying it and I am willing to find whatever books it takes to keep her attention. Currently she is into Harry Potter and that is totally alright by me.

Also did a minor bit of baking today made some mini pumpkin muffins. They are sooo good. Sarah even gave them a 4 out of 5 so I am happy.

Well I guess off to the city tomorrow. Some minor shopping tomorrow and friday its gel nails and peds. Gels nails for my sis and I (which I havent had in over 3 years) and peds for Sarah, my sis and I ( which I believe we all need desperatly I mean lets get real who can't use a good pedi. LOL ).
Then off to my other sisters for a girls night Friday and then off to yet another sisters to spend saturday. I am thinking I am going to be exhaused by monday.

Well for now have a good night and I will hope to blog maybe Sunday and let you know how my crazy busy weekend went.

P.S. LOVE LOVE LOVE having Sarah home!!!

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

My baby is home!!

WhooHoooo!! My baby is home. After a very long and emotional 6 days she is back home. And passed out before 930. Poor girl is so wiped out. She had such a busy 6 days with +35 temps and dancing everyday plus all the other extras included. By last night she was sick. I think some of it was just she was so homesick, but I think the majority of it was plain exhaustion. Her poor body was saying enough is enough think about me. She was so happy to be home but I think even more happy to be in her own bed tonight. Heres hoping she has a great nights sleep.

I have been spending more and more time reading different blogs and less and less time on facebook. I am finding out some really useful information. I never even thought of some of the stuff like homemade laundry soap, or that other parents would write about their homeschooling experiances. I must say it has really opened my eyes. I wish I actually some of these people lived close by me so we could meet but reading their blogs and getting to know some info that way is the next best thing. Besides honestly I am really shy.

Well should get to bed now. Back to the normal grind tomorrow of having Sarah home and work on her review of grade 7. Hopefully she is open to hitting the books once again. We are also off to town tomorrow to get her hair done and hopefully make a trip to the library. Partly for her to pick out some books for summer reading and some for me to learn more about homeschooling and faith wrapped in one.

So for now night night.

Monday, 11 July 2011

My baby is coming home tomorrow!

I am so excited. My baby is coming home! Sarah was in L.A. on a dance trip for the past 6 days. Although we have spend more time apart (7days lol ) this time was particulary rough. I am not sure if it is because of everything else going on in my life but I really missed my baby. We have spent alot of time together this last year what with running so much to dance so it seems weird not to have her here all the time. We have decided to try home schooling in the fall and as much as I am nervous about it, I am also very excited about it. Here is a chance to spend time with her, bond with her and help her learn. Get her excited about her education while also maintaining the crazy lifestyle of dance and youth and church related activities.

 It should be a very interesting year with it being just her and  I for the most part with Rob home every other week. My life is changing so fast I can barely keep up.

Now to some more exciting news, I talked with my hubby last night and looks like I will be making some phone calls in the morning to talk to an adoption worker and get the ball rolling. Look like I will be losing my craft room again. :)

I also am getting pumped up about spending some time with just Rob and I next week. We are sorely needing it. With everything that has been going on lately around here and his work stresses not to mention when he gets home he will have been in camp for 19 days, we have been putting each other on the back burner and now it is time for us again. I miss him so much and am very much looking forward to some us time.

Well i guess I should be running off to bed now as am going up to the city to pick up my baby in the afternoon.
Night ya all.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Busy, busy, busy.

Its amazing how much work one can accomplish when they don't have to run to dance, get ready for Grad, help more their son out on his own, attend yet another funeral or just basically run, run, run.

Yes this past month was pretty crazy but this past week was by far the most emotional.

I had the joy of watching my second son graduate 10 days ago. Although it made me so extremely proud to see that he accomplished this, it also made me sad. We have not always seen eye to eye. In fact more often that not we do not. We have fought, struggled, cried and just basically did anything we could to survive for him to graduate. Now don't get me wrong we both love each other immensely. And in fact I think some of the reasons we butted heads is because we are alot alike. Now fast forward one week and he moves out. He is my first child to do so and I am finding it so weird. The house seems so different so empty even though really I am only down one child. He always makes me laugh and we are often on the same page without hardly saying a word. It is strange that it has only been two days and already I miss him like crazy.

Sooooooo..... to keep myself sane...oh did I mention that my youngest is gone to L.A. for 6 days right now for dance? Sooo.... to keep myself sane I have been cleaning. Some would call it spring cleaning although that doesn't seem right since it is almost the middle of July. I have cleaned out Brandon's old room and made a craft room for me. (something I have always wanted). I have cleaned out our front porch, I moved all the furniture in the living room and dining room and cleaned out all the dust bunnies. I cleaned out pantry cupboards, I have done lots of baking (which I love by the way), I am just trying not to go to crazy and miss my kids like nuts. Thank goodness during this time Matt is still living at home. Did I mention he plans to move out by the end of summer. Welcome to my crazy life.

Now on a side note. I just want to mention that I have an amazing husband whom I am so thankful for. He gives up so much to provide us with a roof over our heads and food on our table. Also the ability for our kids to play sports, dance and travel for all those activities. He means so much to me and I would rather spend time with him than anyone else. So too my hubby...Thank you!!!! I love you soo much angel!

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Getting started

Ok, I am so excited. I wanted to start a blog for so long but I admit it I am a little underskilled with a computer but decided to google it and voila here I am.
Ok so here it goes, I wanted to write this just simply to express myself. I have many different sides of me and I just wanted someplaces to ramble. I probably will never be any good as I am not an elegant write but the blogs that I do write will be from the heart.
My husband and I have been married for 20 years. Although we have a great relationship we also have had our ups and downs. We have three amazingly talented beautiful children. Our oldest Matt is 19 and moving out on his own this August. Brandon our next is almost 18 and just moved out yesterday. Our baby Sarah is 13.
In the past 19+ years my life is been mainly about our children and ushering them here and there. Seeing this and that sporting activity. Now of course with two graduated and moving out shortly that although there will be some of the ushering and still many many dance events to attend, things are drastically changing.
For many years I have wanted to expand our family. I would love to adopt. Fairly recently my husband and I decided that they would like to look into domestic adoption. Although I would love a baby there is just so many toddlers and young children needing good homes so that is probably where we are going to look into. There is many variables in that equation though. How many? How old? What challenges are we willing to face? etc, etc, etc...
I am also a Christian. Although my husband is not he respects the fact that I am and allows me to bring up the children in a Christian enviroment. One of my greatest joys was when my daughter became a Christian this past winter.
Like I said I am a Christian but sometimes struggle with many things.
I tend to be lonely and depressed and that is very hard to except and admit.
I hope that this blog will help me cope with many things and also to grow my relationship with the Lord.