Wow what is there to say about moi?
I am a wife of 20 + years to an amazing man who still makes my heart go pitter patter. He still makes me laugh every day and I honestly am more in love with him than the day I married him. My handsome hubby works away from home. 8 days in 6 days out. Honestly this schedule is pretty darn nice. The 6 days fly by and sometimes the 8 drag but the kids see more of him now then they did when we was working at home 14 to 15 hours a day everyday. Only the odd weekend off. He is amazing at what he does and I live in awe of how he can keep it all together. He is my hero, my ground.

I am a mom of 3.

Two boys and one girl.

 My oldest will be 22 in a couple of months. He is a serious responsible young man. He loves to live within boundaries. Although we fought he was somewhat easy in that he thrived on knowing his limitations within the home. Although that meant he had to constantly check them. ( insert crazy sigh here. )

My next young man is turning 19 this summer. He is a ham. He loves to make people laugh and he is very good at it. Although this means that he rarely takes anything seriously. His smile lights up a room and constantly makes people fall in love with him. (insert some hair pulling out with this one here. )

My baby, my daughter. She is now 15. Living the beautiful teenage years to a tee. We decided to homeschool her a few years ago for a variety of reasons and so far I am soooooooooooooo happy we did. She is a dancer with long graceful lines. However she grew about 18 inches in a year and a half so this caused some strain on her body. Her back is starting to curve and we are working on alternative ways to help correct this. ( insert exhausted sigh here)

I am a Christian woman!

I gave up my life for the Lord when I was 7. I have not always thought that His way was necessarily the best way for me but I keep coming back to that one truth. He is my way, my truth and my light. I am better when I spend time with his Word, fellow Christians and time at church. I am happier, more fulfilled and way less stressed. The older I become the more I realise how much I need to give my life to him. How I need to NOT be in control and hand it over to Him. For me this is not always easy. I am a bit of a control freak and I have difficulty always finding the positive in things but I am working on it, with help from above.

My husband and I are looking at expanding our family.

We are hoping to do this through adoption. We have tossed up the idea of domestic adoption but more recently I am looking more into China's special needs program. This is pulling me more and more so we will have to see where the Lord takes us on this journey.

When I first started blogging I wanted to just speak. I would often feel lost and lonely. However the more I spend writing the more I am finding out about myself. I like myself. I love my husband and children. We are not perfect. We are not supposed to be perfect. I have read blogs of many other wonderful women that have helped me with my emotional side. I am connecting with Christian women whom I would have never had the opportunity to do so otherwise.

Wow I really did not believe I would write a short novel. It took me along time to even attempt to write an about me page. I guess I just need to organize my thoughts cause I had a lot to say. ( insert crazy sideways chuckle here)

I hope you take some time and peruse around my blog. I would love to hear from you.