Saturday, 11 January 2014

Saying hi!!

Just popping in for a quick moment to share my day. 

Yesterday I wrote in my beloved planner a dozen or so things I wanted to accomplish today. 
Unfortunately I never got around to over half of them. 

Instead I chose to focus on finishing up a gift for my hubby. 
A gift that was supposed to be given at Christmas but honestly that happened so fast I didn't have time for much. 
I did think about waiting until next year or Valentines but I really wanted him to have this now and I have something else special planned for Valentines day. 
I can't share much yet (though I hope with his permission I will make a post about it), as he reads my ramblings on here from time to time. However I can share I first got the idea off of Pinterest. 

So between working on that, chilling out with my feet up, snuggling this chunky gal
Whom by the way we weighed today and she weighs 19lbs already. She's my chunky monkey. At 9 weeks old. We figured she was getting big as she is one solid puppy. 

Plus then this fur ball also needed some cuddling. 
She is pretty jealous of my time so after I had Skylar in my lap, I had her in my lap. Her nose has been pretty bent out of shape since the move.  
On a side note we also weighed her, and at almost 3, she weighs 11lbs. 

So between those things, I managed to pretty much ignore my to do list. 
Maybe Monday???

Also just a quick note tomorrow is church. Sarah and I are off to officially start attending. (Rob is at work). I'm crossed between being excited and nervous. Pushing myself out of my comfort zone. 
However I'm very  happy to get back into the routine of being spiritually filled again. :)

Have a fantabulous weekend everyone. See you all next week. 

Friday, 10 January 2014

Checking in on a beautiful Friday

It's hard to believe that only 5 days ago it was -48C here with the wind chill. Considering this afternoon we were up to only -10C with the wind. It was almost like summer!!! hahahahaha

When the sun started to come up today I knew I had to get outside and take a walk.
But I was going to wait a bit first. You know have another cup of coffee and chill out. lol

But the lure of it kept coming back. 
This is how it started.

Then it just kept calling my name.

Finally I couldn't resist anymore so I grabbed my camera, my zoom lens (sorry don't know the technical name) and a filter hubby had got me a year ago for Christmas, and Sarah and Skylar and I went out for a walk.

Sorry the pictures I am showing you are just from my iPad. I went to download the pics I took today and because we moved our camera cord is packed away safety in one of our 100 boxes we have yet to unpack. 
Hopefully soon. I have some adorable ones of the two of them running.

Anyway after that beautiful walk I decided to clean some of the house today. I unpacked another 5 boxes!!! Whoohooo!!!!!!

So without further chitchat here is my update on my 3 in 30 for the new year.

1. Strengthen my faith.
I am spending time in a bible study every morning. Plus the church where we will be attending is reading the bible chronologically this year so I joined in with my YouVersion app. Also as our bible study group some of us ladies are memorizing some bible verses this year. We will be doing one a week and I have it memorized. Of course it is still only the first one. Check back with me in a couple of months. LOL 

2.  Organize, plurge, clean.
Well I tackled quite a few of the boxes this week. Considering I was busy Monday getting groceries in the city, Wednesday was a funeral and Thursday I took my parents to doc appointments I am feeling pretty good about this one. 
I managed to print of my life changers but as of yet haven't posted them.
Today I started to do some deep cleaning. I want to really focus on keeping a clean house this year as I would love to be able to have people visit and not feel like they are walking into a disaster zone.

3. Family/Health
Well this one I did somewhat luke warm on. I did managed to eat some healthier foods, but we still have way to much junk from Christmas that I am still consuming. I need to make this more consistent. I am hoping to cut up the veggies and leave in fridge as they are easier to snack on then.
The walk today with Sarah was great. As long as the weather holds I am hoping to get out everyday with her.

4. Adoption.
Not much new on this one. We both agreed that we need to decide soon on what we are going to do and make that commitment.
I am so torn as I am ALWAYS felt led to international adoption. Particularly China, but a few weeks ago a friend posted a link to a waiting child in Alberta. I popped over to check it out and there was another girl on that site that I just can't get out of my mind.
I am praying about it. 
I would also love prayer on it as well if you think about it. Thank you!

Well that is all for now. 
Have a great weekend everyone if you don't hear back from me until next week.
Later gaters. :D

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Focusing on positives

It has been an interesting beginning to 2014 already. Not necessarily terrible other than the loss of a old family friend but interested.
We have tried since the the 19th of December to get satellite TV at our house. Because of the chilly temps they re-booked 4 different times. Finally came this week.
We moved and cleaned long past when I thought we would be done.
We have also had incredible chilly temps for the beginning of the year.

Last year I knew I spent a lot of time wallowing in depression so this year I want to really make a conscious effort to focus every week on my blessings.

So even though it took them three weeks I now have TV once again.

One of the major advantages of moving to here was to be able to take my parents to their doc appointments. Today I did just that.

Since we moved our cat has gone a little crazy. She is finally starting to calm down. Although she has a hard time leaving me alone. So as I spent some time in my new office today working, and she kept getting in my way I decided to improvise and make her a little bed to put right beside me. She curled up and went right to sleep.

Although we have had crazy winter temps and wicked roads here the past few weeks. Today when my handsome hubby went back to work the roads were mostly clear.

As I was unpacking more of my office/craft/sewing room I realized how thankful that I have this space just for me. Just for me to have my stuff. To be able to craft and sew without worrying about the mess I was making. To have all my office stuff together and organized. Here's to hoping I can keep it that way all year. :)

I'm linking up today with Aurie and sharing our blessings. Come join us and share yours.


Today I attended the funeral of a long time family friend whom I was fortunate enough to have called my bus driver.
When I got the news (via text from my sister) I gasped. Hubby asked me what was wrong and I simply told him my bus driver passed away. He said by my reaction he thought it was family. I told him that he was.
This man was more than my bus driver.

He has been a part of my entire life.

When I was younger and first starting Kindergarten I was only 4, this wonderful man became my bus driver. It was great to be have him to drive me to school. To pass that time with someone familiar.

When my parents moved into town when I was 12, things were different, but not in a bad way.

His wife and him were often over visiting with my parents or we saw them out and about in the community.

They were at the curling rink. My parents bowled with them.

After I grew up and moved out, whenever I ran into them when I was back visiting my parents it was always with a big hug and how are you.

He taught my so much. I loved seeing his familiar face and knowing that I was loved by these friends of Mom and Dad.

Rest in Peace Lloyd. You will be forever missed.

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Starting fresh in 2014

A new year is always a time for a new beginning, a fresh start. 
As always I'm hoping for the new year to be the best ever. 
Well since I like lists, I decided I needed to start right away with the 3 in 30. After all there is no way I'm going to be able to make changes for the better if I don't start working on them.  

1. Strengthen my faith. 
I want to really focus this year on growing stronger in my faith. Spend more time with Him. Learn how to pray. Really make The Lord my first priority. 
This will always be my number one goal this year. 

2. Organize, plurge, clean. 
Having spend so much time moving, we really realize just how much stuff we have. 
I want to get organized the stuff. 
Stuff we need. 
Stuff we want. 
Stuff to get rid of. 

Then I want to plurge through it all. Do we really need it? If it's a want, why and should we keep it. 

Also clean. I was disgusted we lived like we did. So nasty. I want to really work on a cleaning schedule and get us into the habit of living with less. 

New Year's Eve we sat down and composed some thoughts on how we want to adjust our life's in the new year. We each picked a word and then also some other thoughts on where we wanted to ficus our energy. 
I want to write these down on the computer and then print them off, frame them, and hang them somewhere that we will be continually reminded on our own journey. 

3. Family/health. 
This is in two parts as not only so I want to spend more time with family, but I also want to live a healthier simpler lifestyle. I would like to focus on getting rid of the junk in my body as well as my family's bodies. Cooking better, snacking better, getting more water, more exercise. 

I'm putting in a fourth this year. Not because I want to be a keener, but number 4 is also going to be an on going yearly thing. 
4. Adoption
After the craziness of last year I'm going to focus on doing all it can to help this goal. 
I want to make sure I spend copious amounts if time in prayer and make sure that I'm hearing this right and that this is where God is leading us. As well as if I really still feel it is do what I can to make it happen or at least be well on the way. 

I hope many of you will feel compelled to join me in setting your own goals and growing in whatever way you desire. 

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Remembering my blessings

This time of year can be really hard. The high of the holidays is winding down and you can feel more alone than ever.
When I read Aurie's post this morning I knew exactly that was what I wanted to do.
I want to make sure I focus on all the blessings in my life. I need to start 2014 thankful.

In December we bought a house for the first time!!!! (Squeal!!!!)
I'm thrilled but the move is draining me. Also a sad teenager is thrown into the mix, not to mention the fact that I'm sad about leaving behind friends.
So I must let that go.
When you are happy you share happiness and more people become happy, which in turn spreads it farther.
I'm thrilled that we have a beautiful view.

I'm thrilled that I've already made friends in the new church we will be attending.  Marie and 
Carla I look forward to getting to know you, your families and your church family better in thecoming months. 

I'm blessed with two wonderful parents you are still here this side of heaven to enjoy. 

I'm thankful that this year we don't have tons of snow as we are not going to bother getting our sleds fixed nor do we have something to properly plough our driveway. 

I'm thankful for a hubby that works so hard to provide for his family he gave himself a much longer commute so that we could have a nice home. 

I'm blessed beyond measure. The good Lord has brought so many people into my life. 
Thankfulness doesn't even really describe how I feel. 

I'm linking up today with Aurie. Hop over and list your blessings as well. 

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Winds of change

Well it's that time again. The time for resolutions, for reflections, for celebration, for new promises. 
2013 was a year of incrediable change for our family. 
January saw us facing the very real possibility that hubby would no longer be working for the company he had been at for the previous 8 years. We had no idea where our income would be coming from and how we would pay our living expenses. 
We were in the process of fostering to adopt and had to make the very hard choice to pull out. 

February blew in some deep complex thoughts and conversations as we tried to decide what path we should take. 

March saw us making the decision which wasn't completed until May. ( one of the best decisions we've made!!)
It also witnessed our beautiful girl turning 15. 

April saw Sarah and I crazy busy with dance and also saw me really start a long blogging break as I was figuring out where I wanted this blog to go. 

May was hubbies and mine 22 wedding anniversary. As well as my handsome man changes careers and companies. 

June mainly saw us outdoors. We were busy in our yard getting it ready for summer and soaking up the sun after a very long winter. 

July was a blast. I managed to have an amazing first ever girls weekend with some fantastic friends. 
We bought a new vehicle AND spend a great time at a family reunion. 

August took Rob and I on a life changing holiday. We normally travel west to visit friends and see the mountains. This time we decided to travel east to my home province. 
That's not really life changing you might say. No?? Well I'll explain more in the next few months. 
August was also a time for family. All my siblings came home for my neice's wedding. Although I think we only were able to see each other for a little over 24 hrs it still was great to have all if us together. Something we never take for granted. 
August also blew in the winds if change for our oldest. After almost 3 yrs at a job he totally changed directions as well and is now working in becoming an electrician. 

September... Well this is the month hubby and I decided to make a gianormous leap of faith and look at buying our very first home. But... Not where we were living oh no we decided to go and check out places in my home province of Saskatchewan. 
So September saw us looking at houses. 
We made a bid and after a bit of debate settled on a price. Everything for the first time was going great, move in date was for the end of October. If was Rob's dream yard. Then we had the inspection done and we had to pull out. The foundation was in terrible shape. :(
This was a hard blow. 

October we decided to spend thanksgiving at Rob's parents. We also decided to take some time off if house hunting and maybe go at it again in the new year. The week after thanksgiving we had changed our minds again and were once again out looking at houses. 
By the end if the month we had once again made a bid and was facing the very real possibility we were actually doing it. 

November was filled with uncertainty as we waited to see if everything was going to go through this time. Then it was filled with craziness as we packed and attempted to buy some Christmas presents. 

December what a crazy month. The 15th was possession so we spend a week moving. Trying to get in and somewhat settled before Christmas. We had all the kids and the girlfriends for Christmas. 
The day was amazing!! Better than I expected. Better than I hoped. 
I learned to let go and not get saddened by the fact that I didn't do all I normally do. 
Our oldest even made breakfast in the morning. 

That winds up our crazy year of change. 
We went from not knowing how we were going to do it, to buying our first home and moving away. 

Life definitely took us on a ride this year but I was accompanied with an amazing hubby and a beautiful daughter. It also introduced us to some people that I'm confident are going to be great friends. 

Oh and just in case you thought that wasn't to crazy. We decided 4 days before Christmas to get a 6 week old puppy. Yep definety nutso. Lol

Everyone meet Skylar. She's managed to capture all our hearts already. 

Happy New Years everyone. May 2014 find you all blessed beyond imagine. 
May God make your path sure and may you never falter. 

Here's to an amazing new year!!