Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Winds of change

Well it's that time again. The time for resolutions, for reflections, for celebration, for new promises. 
2013 was a year of incrediable change for our family. 
January saw us facing the very real possibility that hubby would no longer be working for the company he had been at for the previous 8 years. We had no idea where our income would be coming from and how we would pay our living expenses. 
We were in the process of fostering to adopt and had to make the very hard choice to pull out. 

February blew in some deep complex thoughts and conversations as we tried to decide what path we should take. 

March saw us making the decision which wasn't completed until May. ( one of the best decisions we've made!!)
It also witnessed our beautiful girl turning 15. 

April saw Sarah and I crazy busy with dance and also saw me really start a long blogging break as I was figuring out where I wanted this blog to go. 

May was hubbies and mine 22 wedding anniversary. As well as my handsome man changes careers and companies. 

June mainly saw us outdoors. We were busy in our yard getting it ready for summer and soaking up the sun after a very long winter. 

July was a blast. I managed to have an amazing first ever girls weekend with some fantastic friends. 
We bought a new vehicle AND spend a great time at a family reunion. 

August took Rob and I on a life changing holiday. We normally travel west to visit friends and see the mountains. This time we decided to travel east to my home province. 
That's not really life changing you might say. No?? Well I'll explain more in the next few months. 
August was also a time for family. All my siblings came home for my neice's wedding. Although I think we only were able to see each other for a little over 24 hrs it still was great to have all if us together. Something we never take for granted. 
August also blew in the winds if change for our oldest. After almost 3 yrs at a job he totally changed directions as well and is now working in becoming an electrician. 

September... Well this is the month hubby and I decided to make a gianormous leap of faith and look at buying our very first home. But... Not where we were living oh no we decided to go and check out places in my home province of Saskatchewan. 
So September saw us looking at houses. 
We made a bid and after a bit of debate settled on a price. Everything for the first time was going great, move in date was for the end of October. If was Rob's dream yard. Then we had the inspection done and we had to pull out. The foundation was in terrible shape. :(
This was a hard blow. 

October we decided to spend thanksgiving at Rob's parents. We also decided to take some time off if house hunting and maybe go at it again in the new year. The week after thanksgiving we had changed our minds again and were once again out looking at houses. 
By the end if the month we had once again made a bid and was facing the very real possibility we were actually doing it. 

November was filled with uncertainty as we waited to see if everything was going to go through this time. Then it was filled with craziness as we packed and attempted to buy some Christmas presents. 

December what a crazy month. The 15th was possession so we spend a week moving. Trying to get in and somewhat settled before Christmas. We had all the kids and the girlfriends for Christmas. 
The day was amazing!! Better than I expected. Better than I hoped. 
I learned to let go and not get saddened by the fact that I didn't do all I normally do. 
Our oldest even made breakfast in the morning. 

That winds up our crazy year of change. 
We went from not knowing how we were going to do it, to buying our first home and moving away. 

Life definitely took us on a ride this year but I was accompanied with an amazing hubby and a beautiful daughter. It also introduced us to some people that I'm confident are going to be great friends. 

Oh and just in case you thought that wasn't to crazy. We decided 4 days before Christmas to get a 6 week old puppy. Yep definety nutso. Lol

Everyone meet Skylar. She's managed to capture all our hearts already. 

Happy New Years everyone. May 2014 find you all blessed beyond imagine. 
May God make your path sure and may you never falter. 

Here's to an amazing new year!!


  1. What a whirlwind of a year! You need a year to relax. However, I don't think that puppy will let you. :)

    1. It was a year. I'm so thankful for you and the rubies for helping me get through it.
      That puppy is pretty crazy alright. But she is mostly Sarah's responsibility so that helps. :)
      I'm praying for an amazing 2014 for you my friend.

  2. Whoa!! That is a WHOLE lot :) So glad that you are getting settled into your new space and that puppy is adorable!!

    1. It was a crazy year. But I'm so thankful The Lord saw us through it. She is a cutie alright. She has pretty much stolen our hearts.