Saturday, 11 January 2014

Saying hi!!

Just popping in for a quick moment to share my day. 

Yesterday I wrote in my beloved planner a dozen or so things I wanted to accomplish today. 
Unfortunately I never got around to over half of them. 

Instead I chose to focus on finishing up a gift for my hubby. 
A gift that was supposed to be given at Christmas but honestly that happened so fast I didn't have time for much. 
I did think about waiting until next year or Valentines but I really wanted him to have this now and I have something else special planned for Valentines day. 
I can't share much yet (though I hope with his permission I will make a post about it), as he reads my ramblings on here from time to time. However I can share I first got the idea off of Pinterest. 

So between working on that, chilling out with my feet up, snuggling this chunky gal
Whom by the way we weighed today and she weighs 19lbs already. She's my chunky monkey. At 9 weeks old. We figured she was getting big as she is one solid puppy. 

Plus then this fur ball also needed some cuddling. 
She is pretty jealous of my time so after I had Skylar in my lap, I had her in my lap. Her nose has been pretty bent out of shape since the move.  
On a side note we also weighed her, and at almost 3, she weighs 11lbs. 

So between those things, I managed to pretty much ignore my to do list. 
Maybe Monday???

Also just a quick note tomorrow is church. Sarah and I are off to officially start attending. (Rob is at work). I'm crossed between being excited and nervous. Pushing myself out of my comfort zone. 
However I'm very  happy to get back into the routine of being spiritually filled again. :)

Have a fantabulous weekend everyone. See you all next week. 


  1. What a fun glimpse into your world! Hope you enjoyed the Sunday service!

    1. Sunday service was fantastic. I am continually blown away by how approachable these individuals are. They sure make you feel welcome.