Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Happy Tuesday.

Hello everyone. 
I had full intentions of continuing on my last post and sharing the rest of our little get away but alas I am unable to find my camera cord. So you all have to wait some more. 

We have had an insane September. For most of it we had another young lady stay with us. She is a friend of my daughters and was in need of a temporary safe place. She just went to her Dad's this past Sunday. 

Hubby has also been crazy busy at work. Gone for more days and consequently home for less. That also is starting to wind down and things should be back to normal soon. 

School has been going actually pretty well. It's a bit more of a challenge as this year is grade 10, but we are making it work the best we know how. 

In fact we did a bit of a homeschool trip a few weeks ago. I had to have a medical done complete with my female parts being checked out and I brought her into the room with me. 
I will fully admit it was a bit interesting but I wanted her to kind of know what was happening so when she is full grown, married and ready for that kind of exam she doesn't freak out. 

We were a little bored waiting for the doctor so we took some crazy pics. It also helped her and me relax some. 

Have to love those beautiful hospital gowns. Lol

Also on a new note we pulled her out of dance. The reasons I will share soon I promise. Nothing physical so don't be alarmed. We just aren't completely ready to share what is happening yet. But it's big!! :)

Well I guess that's about all for now. 

I hope you are all doing wonderful. It's great being on here again. :)