Thursday, 31 May 2012

Thankful Thursday!!

Yay I am so thankful today!!!
The Lord is blessing me so much and showing me His compassion and understanding each day.
I am blessed with a wonderful hubby whom after working away from home for 24 days straight worked at home in the yard for 3 or the 4 days he had off. The 4th was driving our daughter up the the city for ballet practice exams. I am blessed that during this time I was able to finish planting my container garden, and all my pots around the yard.
My front yard! I love it!!!

The wishing well that my Dad made many years ago for me. I fill it up with hanging baskets every year. This year I managed to find one that was beautiful and filled up the entire well. The center thing is a solar light. 

This stand is new this year and I fell in love with it as well. The bottom statue is off two little boys and a little girl holding a welcome sign. This also has a solar light in the middle.

These have sweet peas in them that I hope are going to climb the trellis and make our shed look pretty.

My new rain barrel!! I planted my herbs in this plus one viney plant that will droop down the side of the rain barrel.

This planter was a gift from a friend a couple years back. This is the first time I have managed to get something planted in it. I am looking forward to everything filling it up.
 I am thankful that Sarah and I were able to head up to the lake on Victoria Day weekend and spend time with family.
I am thankful for goofy daughters. Whom even though she is 14 she still has no problem being goofy and loving life.

I am thankful my sister never hit me. Hahahaha No we were digging rocks out and needed something to leverage so our other sister had a better swimming area. Looks bad though. LOL

I am thankful for time spent with family!! 

I am thankful for my beautiful Mom and of course my wonderful sister. 

I am so thankful for my Daddy!! 

I am thankful that I let me daughter have free rein with the camera. Among the gorgeous shots she captured she also managed to get this one of me. LOL
I am also thankful that I might finally be back on the road to good health again.
Last but my no means the least I am so thankful for my gracious God. He has continually shown me His love and mercies. I am so thankful to be His!!!

I am linking up today with Theresa at Red Oak Lane. I love this link up so much.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Soul searching

I have done a lot of soul searching this past week. Well longer than that really. I didn't realize just how played out I was emotionally, physically, spiritually.
A week ago today I went to a homeopathic doctor. She 'diagnosed' me with severe burn out. LOL That makes me chuckle just thinking about it. She was really cool actually. First of all she looked into my eyes and was able to see by the certain colors and patterns in my eyes things that could be wrong with me. That was the first time she could say she could tell just how burned out I was. Then she did something that was called a VEGA test. This is so neat. I held a metal "wand' in my left hand and she took a 'stylist' that was connected to the machine and touched the pressure points in my right hand. Probably about 6 times during this short 20 test she told me again and again how burned out I was. She also found a variety of other issues that I am having. Thyroid, Liver, Hormone issues, Lymphatic issues, etc, etc. The point in going to her???
To finally maybe feel better again.
She printed out just over a page of issues that I have and almost a page of foods that I have to stay away from. Foods such as gluten (shockers I have been GF for almost 9 months now and it still is the highest reacting thing in my body), milk, cream. white refined sugar, beef, pork, corn, corn starch etc. Plus she gave me 6 bottles of drops that I take a variety of drops twice a day and one box that I take the amnule of drops twice a week. (Those are for energy!!!) Her words were ' You will feel like you are going to live'.
The first page is the issues that I have and the second is a list of the foods that I need to stay away from.

These are the bottles that I take a variety of drops twice a day. From left to right . The first is 2 drops twice daily, the next is 15 drops twice daily the next two is 10 drops twice daily and the last two is 8 drops twice daily.

Here they are again with the extra energy box added in.

Adding the drops to a glass.

This is the energy one that I take twice a week. I take this one on Thursdays and Mondays.

Here are the drops with a small bit of water to wash it down. I then take a bit more water to rid the taste. hahahaha. 10 minutes later I either have breakfast or supper.

Have I noticed a difference yet? Yes and no. I have had headaches, but when you take away my sugar and therefore my caffeine intake I am not surprised by the headaches. I am sleeping like a rock and lots of sleep is needed. I have a bit more energy. I say it like this. I no longer feel like I am drowning under 40 feet of water. I am still 20 feet but at least I am making headway to the top. Before I would look at the things that needed down and just not care. Now at least I have a desire to do them. So I am happy about that.

I know this is a really long post but I wanted to spend some time explaining all what has happened. I plan to keep you all updated on my progress as well as a few more things thrown in.I will let you know about them next week. Thank you to everyone that hasn't abandoned me. :)

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Hello everyone!!

First of all I want to say how sorry I am that I haven't been on here in a VERY long time.
Second I want to add that writing this post has been hard and it has been turning around in my head for a bit now.
I have decided to take a break from blogging. I want to take a long hard look at why I am blogging again.
These past two months have been physically and mentally hard on me. I was very sick twice and my daughter once. We spend the majority of the time on the road or at some sort of dance associated event.
I went to church the last weekend in March and then not again until this past Sunday. I have missed it so much. I have missed communicating with my Father!
I still plan to read the blogs of some really amazing women that I have 'met' in this blogging journey and I truly believe that I am not done blogging. I have too much to say. LOL I just really feel I need to find out what HE wants me to say.
There are many times this past two months I have felt like a failure in a lot of ways. I am not a good enough Mom or good enough wife. I am not a good enough Christian. Having these thoughts rolling around are not healthy for anyone. I need to focus on my Christian walk and my wifely and motherly walk so I can focus on myself. :)
I honestly didn't realize just how far I had went until I was listening to Micheal W. Smith's song, Heart of Worship on the weekend. Afterwards I realized I had a huge glow. I was happy again. I have been listening to and singing worship songs all the time but something about this song was what I need to hear. I have the song on my phone and it came on in the truck again today. It just reaffirmed what I need to do.
So if I have anyone reading my blog still could you please pray for me and my family.
I will leave you with this beautiful song to help you understand more.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012


Just when I think life couldn't get crazier I get sick. My beautiful daughter whom is feeling way better by the way was generous enough to share her germs with me. I'm on day 4 of a nasty head cold. I've been spending most of my time in bed when I'm not running my daughter to dance, finding my house, doing the laundry, etc... I am sorry I've been terrible with the blogging lately. I've missed you all very much. I promise that I will pick it up soon. When my head clears up that is. :)

Wednesday, 2 May 2012


What a crazy time right now. Last week my handsome hubby was home for 6 days. He left yesterday for work, this time he could be gone for up to 5 weeks. So every spare moment was spent soaking up our time together.
Now Sarah and I are at a dance festival in Red Deer. Unfortunately she is very sick and barely managing to go on stage to preform. We have a few hours between dances right now so we are back at the hotel and she is drugged up and sleeping trying to heal.
I'm finding myself with a lot of down time while she sleeps so I am taking the opportunity to catch up in some blogs and send a quick shout out to everyone.
Hi everyone!!! We are still alive!! Lol
So now I'm laying on the bed enjoying the smell of pot roast in my slow cooker. (doesn't everyone bring their slow cooker to a hotel. Lol. When I'm here for a week and trying to be more frugal. Yep we do. )
I'm hoping to post the rest of the week, but if I don't manage to, have a great week!!!