Wednesday, 2 May 2012


What a crazy time right now. Last week my handsome hubby was home for 6 days. He left yesterday for work, this time he could be gone for up to 5 weeks. So every spare moment was spent soaking up our time together.
Now Sarah and I are at a dance festival in Red Deer. Unfortunately she is very sick and barely managing to go on stage to preform. We have a few hours between dances right now so we are back at the hotel and she is drugged up and sleeping trying to heal.
I'm finding myself with a lot of down time while she sleeps so I am taking the opportunity to catch up in some blogs and send a quick shout out to everyone.
Hi everyone!!! We are still alive!! Lol
So now I'm laying on the bed enjoying the smell of pot roast in my slow cooker. (doesn't everyone bring their slow cooker to a hotel. Lol. When I'm here for a week and trying to be more frugal. Yep we do. )
I'm hoping to post the rest of the week, but if I don't manage to, have a great week!!!

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  1. Oh, I'm sorry that your daughter isn't feeling well!! Hope she is on the mend quickly!