Wednesday, 20 March 2013

First day of spring???

Happy first day of spring!!
This is where I'm excited as the grass is peeking through the snow and turning green.
The weather is amazing, warm and sunny.
Well not so much!!
We welcomed spring in here with a beautiful winter storm.

This is what I was privileged enough to drive in today.

You can see it drifting across the highway. Made for an interesting drive back home in the dark.

This may not have been the first day of spring that I was hoping for, but I'm happy spring is here non the less. I'm looking forward to seeing that green grass again.

Happy Spring everyone!!!!

Tuesday, 19 March 2013


As I sit in my truck tonight, waiting for Sarah to be done dancing I'm reflecting on the day, on the past year and a half of days. Looking back, looking forward.

Today something awesome happened. (Besides me having enough energy to clean lol).
Today my daughter scored 100% on a math assignment.
It doesn't matter that she is working at a level in math far below her grade level. It doesn't matter that we disagree a lot of the days, what matters most is that in a subject where she struggles so much. Where every mark is a reason for celebration, today she managed to grasp a part of the subject matter and excel at it.
I know I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am about this. It doesn't matter that tomorrow could possibly bring more frustration and heartache.
What matters is that for brief moment today she shined brightly!!!

Reason 1 000 056 why I am soooo happy we homeschool!!!

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Did you miss me?

Wow hard to believe my last post was a month ago today. So much has happened.
First my handsome hubby changed jobs. Well I guess I should say he will be changing jobs in about another month. Right now the company that he will be moving to is contracting him out through is current company but that is only temporary.
We had a really hard time coming to this decision. He currently works for a great company, but honestly they just weren't quite filling our needs. I really feel God's hand in this. I am a total peace with the change. No move, no location change!!!
Things are also uber crazy with dance right now. In this a couple of weeks she will start competitions so its been a tad hectic getting everything organized.
School has been decent, again making sure we get a good chunk done before April. We will then take most of that month off and only do light work.
I also said goodbye 10 days ago to another wonderful lady, my aunt. She lived a long wonderful Christian life. She passed away almost exactly one year after her husband.

As for some good news, my baby turned 15 yesterday!!! Wow still can hardly believe it. She is such an amazing young lady, whom we have been fortunate enough to look after.

I promise I will post some pics soon. We've been without Internet all day today so I'm hot spotting this to my phone so keeping it short and sweet.

I hope everyone has been doing great.

Talk to you all soon!!!