Sunday, 5 January 2014

Starting fresh in 2014

A new year is always a time for a new beginning, a fresh start. 
As always I'm hoping for the new year to be the best ever. 
Well since I like lists, I decided I needed to start right away with the 3 in 30. After all there is no way I'm going to be able to make changes for the better if I don't start working on them.  

1. Strengthen my faith. 
I want to really focus this year on growing stronger in my faith. Spend more time with Him. Learn how to pray. Really make The Lord my first priority. 
This will always be my number one goal this year. 

2. Organize, plurge, clean. 
Having spend so much time moving, we really realize just how much stuff we have. 
I want to get organized the stuff. 
Stuff we need. 
Stuff we want. 
Stuff to get rid of. 

Then I want to plurge through it all. Do we really need it? If it's a want, why and should we keep it. 

Also clean. I was disgusted we lived like we did. So nasty. I want to really work on a cleaning schedule and get us into the habit of living with less. 

New Year's Eve we sat down and composed some thoughts on how we want to adjust our life's in the new year. We each picked a word and then also some other thoughts on where we wanted to ficus our energy. 
I want to write these down on the computer and then print them off, frame them, and hang them somewhere that we will be continually reminded on our own journey. 

3. Family/health. 
This is in two parts as not only so I want to spend more time with family, but I also want to live a healthier simpler lifestyle. I would like to focus on getting rid of the junk in my body as well as my family's bodies. Cooking better, snacking better, getting more water, more exercise. 

I'm putting in a fourth this year. Not because I want to be a keener, but number 4 is also going to be an on going yearly thing. 
4. Adoption
After the craziness of last year I'm going to focus on doing all it can to help this goal. 
I want to make sure I spend copious amounts if time in prayer and make sure that I'm hearing this right and that this is where God is leading us. As well as if I really still feel it is do what I can to make it happen or at least be well on the way. 

I hope many of you will feel compelled to join me in setting your own goals and growing in whatever way you desire. 


  1. Those are some great goals!! I'm praying your adoption story goes smoothly!!

    1. Thank you Aurie!! I really appreciate your prayers!