Thursday, 2 January 2014

Remembering my blessings

This time of year can be really hard. The high of the holidays is winding down and you can feel more alone than ever.
When I read Aurie's post this morning I knew exactly that was what I wanted to do.
I want to make sure I focus on all the blessings in my life. I need to start 2014 thankful.

In December we bought a house for the first time!!!! (Squeal!!!!)
I'm thrilled but the move is draining me. Also a sad teenager is thrown into the mix, not to mention the fact that I'm sad about leaving behind friends.
So I must let that go.
When you are happy you share happiness and more people become happy, which in turn spreads it farther.
I'm thrilled that we have a beautiful view.

I'm thrilled that I've already made friends in the new church we will be attending.  Marie and 
Carla I look forward to getting to know you, your families and your church family better in thecoming months. 

I'm blessed with two wonderful parents you are still here this side of heaven to enjoy. 

I'm thankful that this year we don't have tons of snow as we are not going to bother getting our sleds fixed nor do we have something to properly plough our driveway. 

I'm thankful for a hubby that works so hard to provide for his family he gave himself a much longer commute so that we could have a nice home. 

I'm blessed beyond measure. The good Lord has brought so many people into my life. 
Thankfulness doesn't even really describe how I feel. 

I'm linking up today with Aurie. Hop over and list your blessings as well. 

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