Thursday, 6 February 2014


Isn't it funny how a perfectly planned out life can take such crazy twists and turns. 

Three weeks ago we had a crazy windstorm that knocked out our internet. There went our schooling, there went my blogging. 
It just came on last Saturday. 

Then last week our middle boy went back into the hospital and sat attached to an IV as they finally figured out his gall bladder is inflamed. He has since got out and actually back in for a couple days. He is waiting on an appointment to get it removed now. 

Then Sunday we were driving back to our old community where our youngest was having a weekend sleepover to discover she was very sick. The family she was staying with took her into the hospital and we met her there. After an intense 36 hrs she went into surgery and had her severly inflammed appendix removed. Although it had started leaking we were lucky and it hadn't burst yet. 
So here we sit in the hospital waiting. The recovery has been spotty as her bowels are not happy and are not wanting to work properly yet. 

Also on Sunday I lost another cousin. A dear cousin. One I'm missing like crazy already. She left behind her husband and young son. My heart aches for her family and her very many extremely close friends. I also feel so much guilt for not seeing her enough. Trying to remember I can't let moments pass me by. 

So now I'm struggling to focus on the positive. 
I'm relieved my girlie wasn't more serious. They were very concerned it was her ovaries. 

I'm overwhelmed by how much by cousin was loved. 

I'm blessed to be married to an amazing man who sacrificed so much for us. This week it has definitely been sleep he's been sacrificing. 

I'm thrilled my boy has such a great girlfriend that drops everything to take him to the hospital. 

And speaking of boys and their girlfriends both my boys and their girls stepped way up and helped us out so much. 

I'm a lucky momma and wife. 

So thankful, so blessed. 


  1. Oh my! I didn't realize all of those things were happening! I'm thinking we should leave for Edmonton early and stay a lot longer! You sure need some r&r! Hopefully things will settle down now and you can adjust to a new normal.

    1. Oh Marie, I can hardly wait. I am counting down. Only a couple more sleeps now!!

  2. Thank you friend for reminding me to look at the blessings instead of those things we let ourselves get entangled with. Praying for you.

    1. Oh sweet friend I will gladly take those prayers. Praying for you also for losing such an amazing friend. Thank you so much for being by my side that Saturday. I really appreciate and love you!!

  3. Oh girl - I'm SO sorry you are dealing with all of this! I love that you can find the blessings in the mess!

    1. Thank you. It has been an interesting start to 2014. And actually since this post I've lost two more cousins. However I'm positive God has something amazing planned. :)