Wednesday, 31 August 2011

3 in 30 wrap-up

Ok so it is the end of the month so time for an update on my 3 in 30 (or 31) this month.

1.  Read the bible in 90 days.
This has gone great I am actually ahead of schedule. I am just starting the book of Esther. What an informative and revolutionary trip I am taking. I think about His Word all the time now. I am working on making sure my words and actions reflect that. I still want to work on prayer. I am not very good at that. It just does not come naturally and I often find I stumble for words but I am working on it.

2. Get the school room ready and everything ready to go back to school.
Again this was successful. The room is all done and since we started school on Monday I am enjoying being in there. I am so happy we are able to have an actual room to be able to work from since when we are done for the day we shut the door and do not have to worry about it till the next morning or until I go in there for more work as it is also my scrapbook room and my sewing room.

3. Work on menu planning and being more budget friendly.
Ok this for the most part worked not bad. When Rob is home and we were out doing things we tended to eat out for lunch and at some points we even had take out for supper. However I did use some coupons and I was really careful not to buy junk when I had to go restock with milk and bread. I was thrilled to use up some of the stuff in the house and provide a healthy meal most every night. Plus on the bonus I would often make extra and then one to two nights a week we would have leftovers or eat them for lunch. I would say all all in all it was successful. I just did up the menu plan for September today and will do the big grocery shop on Friday. I plan to make alot more stuff at home and cut out alot more costs.
I also tried using vinegar for fabric softener and I LOVE it!!! I am so glad I took a chance and did that. Now also looking at more Green ways to make our life healthier and more thrifty.

Tomorrow my new 3 in 30.

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