Thursday, 20 March 2014


Last August my handsome hubby and I went on a mini holiday to Saskatchewan. At the time we had no idea that it would spark a move to the province a mere 4 months later.
However as I was downloading pics off of my camera yesterday I came across the trip pictures and I thought well better late than never. I will share them with you. :)

The first day when hubby arrived home from working all night we took off. We drove as far as Lloydminster with no real destination in mind. So we decided to stop at the tourist info booth and see what we could see.

That was a flop. The only real destination I had in mind was Rosthern as my Dad's family was from around that area. (I later learned they were closer to Hepburn area, but you can't win them all. LOL). I also wanted to see the Crooked Bush as I was told it was pretty neat to see. However other than that we had no real trip mapped out. We were going to fly by the seat of our pants. LOL

First stop was in North Battleford. Mostly so we could stop at the tourist info booth there and see if we would have any better luck. We did actually. We even managed to get a Saskatchewan map and a really good destinations to see book.
At the tourist info booth

This buffalo was made entirely of barb wire. So cool!!

I grew up only about an hour and a half away from North Battleford and didn't even know this guy was there. (Neither did my parents. :))

We decided for giggles we would each take $20 and head to the casino.

This is our earnings. hahahaha
After North Battleford we headed to the Crooked Bush.

It was so cool and yet so freaky at the same time. I honestly didn't feel comfy in there.

Then we headed to towards Rosthern. We made it as far as Blaine Lake before my handsome hubby was done travelling for the day. So we set up camp.
While he slept I played with the camera. LOL

After he woke up we toured the town of Blaine Lake.

This was such a cool stook of wheat. Made out of metal.

This winds up day 1.
Come visit for more tomorrow.

Day one
Day two
Day three


  1. A few years ago we tried to go see the Crooked Trees but couldn't find them, definitely hope to see them, maybe this year!

    1. They are kinda of weirdly out of the way. And also not very big, but it's definitely worth a look see. I'd back a picnic lunch and have it maybe while you were there. Let me know if you do go. Would love to hear your thoughts on it.