Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Wacky Wednesday.

I thought it would be kinda fun to show you that non-perfect pictures that I take.
You know the ones.
The ones where the faces are weird. The people are positioned differently. Maybe slightly out of focus. LOL
The ones that you don't delete simply because they are worth a good chuckle every time you see them.

So here are some of mine.
These all happen to be from this past Christmas.

Yes??? Love my Christmas Elmo onsie. :)

Really you are taking a picture of me while I am getting the turkey ready? Seriously??
 So for the next few pics you are going to see a handsome young man in the corner that kind of stole the spotlight from my hubby opening his Christmas present.

And of course my beautiful daughter had to get her fingers in the shot as well. LOL

Here he is again. 

And again. lol kind of a picture hog. hahahaha

Look at me rockin it out. hahaha

Oh yea I am all that and a bag of potato chips. hahahaha Oh my maybe I should have deleted these. :)

Like mother like daughter. hahaha


My turn for some photo bombing. lol

This is just so attractive in so many ways. lol

There is no words for this... hahaha
Ok maybe we are a teeny bit nutso. lol
Stay tuned for next week for some more wacky wednesday pics.

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