Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Playing catch up

Do you ever feel like you don't have it all together?
Or do you ever feel like your running a race and are in not only last place; but the starting gate still?

It's just me??

So sad...

However in the off chance it's not just me I thought I would write a humorous look at how I can get caught up and 'forget' about being on that treadmill.

1. I love to read.
If I let myself I can read a book a day. If...I...let...myself. I say it like that because it's really easy for me to get engrossed in a book and 'forget' that real life is happening around me. That is until either I suddenly realize it's really quiet or else (which is more often the case) I'm needed.

2. I love to sleep.
I remember with great longing those days when I could sleep and sleep and sleep and sleep and... You get the idea. I spend now a good chunk of my morning in a daze filled with coffee and yawns as I manage struggle to function. Somehow I have to make sure Sarah does her chores, walks and feeds her dog and gets started on school work. Somehow...

3. I love to be outside working in the yard.
I WAY to often especially in the spring/summer/fall months love to be outside working. I love creating a spot of  'tranquilness' in which all I have to do is look at it and smile. Unfortunately all to often all this working out there can have it's toll. If I am fortunate unfortunate enough there is too much sun and I get sunburned. Or more often than not I am needed as I yell just 10 minutes longer and come get me. Then usually we are running somewhere me with a ball cap on and dirty stained clothes because I have no time left to change and we had to be there already.

4. I love to sew/craft.
I can spend hours and hours holed away in my new 'Mom cave'. I love it so much in there. However one thing I did do was put a clock in there because see all the above, I tend to get caught up in what I am doing and forget about the time. Then all the sudden it is 5 o'clock and I haven't started supper. (Planning meals usually helps....If I remember to plan them.hahahaha)

5. I very much dislike doing housework.
 Although strangely enough I LOVE having a clean house and try to make sure every night before I go to bed my kitchen is always tidy and coffee is set up for the morning. That though could have more to do with my morning state of mind than anything. hahahaha
 Now as you can tell I love to squirrel away and do other stuff until I am needed. Then as I step back into reality I realize my house has been hit by a tornado!!! Or a kid, dog, cat, life. lol Then either I walk back into my alternate universe and try hard to ignore what is happening out of my fantasy life or I have to spend hours in reality trying to make it so it doesn't look like we belong on a TV show.

6. I am a home body.
I am not fond at all of running errands or driving ms Sarah to all her activities.(read dance, dance, dance, youth, youth, and occasionally a play practice. ) (although since we moved those are few and far between)
That is probably why I tend to ignore the fact we have to leave and try to do just one more thing.
Although I did find it helps if I bring along a crafty thing for me to do while I am there. (embroider, crochet, read)

I realize that this is kind of a crazy humorous look at my life. But in reality I always feel like I am running behind. I always feel like I don't have it together and I always feel like I am failing in some way.
I have to have several calendars and write things down all the time. When I am organized and meal plan and check my calendars life is much easier. However when I get lazy and don't keep up that's when I feel like I am crazy.
The other HUGE key for me is to ALWAYS spend time EVERY day with HIM!!! I like to get up in the morning and spend time with Him, focusing on Jesus and loving on Him.

The other factor that I love is how He provided me with an amazing hubby who is there when I am acting a little insane. He keeps me grounded and reroutes me back to what really matters. Jesus, and my family.

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  1. LOL OM goodness does 99% of this sound so familiar I could be living in your shoes! Before children I was in bed until I had to crawl out to go to work, most of the time sleeping but if not it was reading, crafting, etc while in bed. If I wasn't at work or in bed I was in the yard (sometimes reading or crafting lol). Now, I want to do all my favorite things like sleep, craft, read, garden but if I let myself I get so gone from the real world I come back to a shocking mess ... Plus, setting up the coffee the night before is a MUST in this house because I can't think in the morning :-)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thank you so much for stopping in!! I love to chat! :D

    3. LOL I always wonder why after 22 some years of parenting I am still surprised when I walk out into a mess. One would think I would be used to it by now. LOL

  2. I can relate to a few of these :) I love to read and can get swept up and away and totally forget what time it is, so I usually don't read until the girls are in bed. As far as being a homebody - I prefer being out and about, as long as I'm not just driving from place to place like I usually am now!!

    1. I actually do most of my reading at bed time as well. Although if the story is really good I will try and sneak during the day. hahahaha
      I like to see knew things and adventure is always high. I love to travel, but errands...ugh...hahahaha