Wednesday, 19 March 2014


As I have been cleaning out and working more on this crazy piece of my life I stumbled across this post I wrote about this time last year. Man it really blows my mind how fast time flies.
Anyhoo although we took most of this year off (thanks to our move in the middle of the season), this post still very much applies. My girlie is an avid dancer and is missing it like crazy. We can hardly wait until fall when she can join again.

My daughter is a bun-head.
The definition of this  is basically a term used for a dancer.
If you ask my daughter if she enjoyed being a bun-head she would tell you everything but the bun. :)
If you wonder what it means...
Well that is something altogether different.
I am going to give you a peek into what it means to us.
This year Sarah is on stage in 8 different dances.
Hip hop
Lyrical Trio
Production- this is actually 3 different dances in one dance.
Getting ready.

This means that this year we have been in town for dance at least 5 days of the week, often 6. Monday usually is our day off unless we decide to go in and practice.
This is just getting ready for the competitions. She has already had her first one in which she did the 8 dances in two days. The next one is a bit better as we have 3 days and the last one is 4 days.
This also means travelling more. The first one was ours so we only had to travel into our little town. 25 minutes not bad really, (if you don't count the rain/snow storm). The next two are in Edmonton. This is a 2.5 hour drive one way. This also means now hotels and food to be bought.
Stretching for candy. Don't laugh, :) You do what you have to do. lol

Of course with all these dances it meant 10 different costumes to purchase. 10 different hairstyles to work out (we were lucky this year and 6 were very similar).
This also means make up changes (again lucky only one big change).

I am pretty strict about her costumes and accessories. I am the one to make sure all the pieces are there and everything that can be washed is and ready to go for the next competition.
I am trying hard to step back this spring and let her do it all though. For the most part I am doing an ok job. She mostly does her hair and her make up. Also her own costumes. I am just back up. :)
Her group ballet number. Obviously it was the Muppets. And equally obvious she was beaker. lol
As much as it costs me both financially and otherwise I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.
There is nothing like watching your child thrive in something they are really good at.

Some days this can be a little overwhelming. Especially getting ready to go again or after we just come home and are exhausted. However we do it for one very important reason...
She loves it!!

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