Friday, 21 March 2014

Holiday day 2

Part two.
Yesterday I posted about day one of our little get away.
Today is day 2.

After a rainy chilly night in Blaine Lake we headed to Rosthern and because we had picked up a site to see book in North Battleford we also knew we would like to check out Batoche.

These were neat metal sculptures of a family. Also I was using a different filter when I took this pic.
In Rosthern we checked out an old train station that they have converted for an art gallery and a small restaurant. The pics of the flowers were from their garden they had. I love flowers and decided to play around some with angles, etc. The restaurant by the way was delicious.

Loving some of the old buildings here. While in Rosthern we also checked out a cool second hand shop that was really neat and now that we live somewhat closer I am hoping to convince hubby to check it out again. LOL

This stalk of wheat was at their tourist info booth.

After Rosthern we started to head to Batoche. We had also heard about a place called Seager Wheeler Farms. It was a really neat place to visit. Although if you decide to go the parking is lousy.
However they have somewhat restored Mr Wheeler's farm and you are able to go into the houses, tour the yard and check out many of the different aspects of his farm. They also have a tiny gift shop and a pie place. We didn't buy from either. :)
Walk in closet.

One of I believe 3 homes still standing.

I am in love with cream separators. I wanted to sneak this one home with me. lol
After the farm we headed to Batoche.
Along the way we found this.
As we were driving up to it we see this.

So we pulled over up the road and walked back to take a closer look

Quite a bit slid off 
 Then we arrive at Batoche. This was well worth the crazy drive. There unfortunately is not many pics as I was feeling rough and we didn't venture too much around. But was so neat to see and I highly recommend this place as well.

After Batoche we headed towards Saskatoon. We had no real idea what to do next. We knew we wanted to eventually see the Great Wall of Saskatchewan. Yes there is such a place. LOL However we didn't know what else we would do.
Little did I know some wonderful people lived right by where we were driving and I would have loved to visit with them. Oh well hindsight right??

So we decided to journey down and spend the night in Rosetown.
That's all for today. Check in again tomorrow to see how we ended our journey. Also you don't want to miss the great wall of Saskatchewan trust me.

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