Thursday, 17 November 2011

Thankful Thursday

It amazes me how God can use some of the most trying things in our life to show us some wonderful things.

You all know that we have been having struggles with our adult sons. Helping them grow up and move out. Be successful adults. Trying to find that sweet place between helping them out as parents or letting them take full responsibility as adults. Such a tough place.

Well in the midst of all this both their vehicles break down. We have one extra vehicle that my hubby uses while he is home but our oldest needed to borrow it while his was getting fixed. Our middle son was using his girlfriends. He has decided to scrap the vehicle he currently owns and buy a new one, so he needs somethings else to drive in the meantime. Lucky for him our second vehicle is now back from our oldest and Brandon can now use it.

The decision to use this vehicle came from my hubby. His idea the whole nine yards. This may not seem like a really big deal but this truck is his baby. His vehicle. Something all for himself. I am so proud of his unselfishness. I know he will do anything for his children but I also know that this must have been hard.

As it turns out the timing is also great as my hubby can drive home his next days out which also works great for us as I am unable to drive up to pick him up as well as to drop him off.

This is most definitely God's timing. The more I turn to HIM the more HE teaches me.

I am so thankful.

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