Thursday, 10 November 2011

Thankful Thursday

Ok if you have been reading my blog the last few days you will already know that things have been a little crazy for me. I have been in a bit of a funk and trying to fight my way out of it.

Today was different. Hubby worked outside for a good junk of the day, unloading quads, hauling garbage to the dump, going through the sheds, etc. I kept myself busy with inside chores such as cat litter, garbage, cleaning the disgusting garbage can, sweeping and washing, etc.

I was feeling pretty content with life, then...we find out that our middle ones vehicle is giving him some serious issues. Now if you recall just two days ago I was rambling on about when to let them sink or swim, etc.. Turns out my handsome hubby is struggling with the same issues. For me that made me feel a lot better, strange I know but it did. I feel happier knowing that we are dealing with the same issues and it is not just me feeling crazy.

Now saying all this I have now been able to truly find things that I am very thankful for.
Hubby being home when all these vehicle issues are happening.

That we do have one extra vehicle while we are waiting for our son's vehicles to get fixed.

That we have made some decisions regarding our future.

That I am married to such an amazing man that he cares so much for our children.

That we were able to help out a friend whose kitty had ran away. We found it today at our house, playing with our kitty.

That I was able to get out camper mostly winterized and ready for the snow that is going to hit any day now.

That it has managed to stay cold enough that when it does snow the roads should not be a complete disaster.

That I have an amazing God who knows exactly what I need every time.

That I am slowly learning to listen to Him.

That we have amazing friends and family.

That none of us is currently ill other than minor colds or flues.

That many men and women have sacrificed so much for my freedom. The freedom to be able to wear what I want, speak how I would like and mostly to worship whom I desire to worship. The one and only Lord.

All in all I have a million things to be thankful for. I just have to remember that some days.

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