Saturday, 19 November 2011

Being a Mom is a pretty neat profession.

I love being a Mom.
Even when they are driving me up the wall, I am still thrilled to pieces that I am a Mom.
God blessed me with 6 pregnancies and 3 beautiful children.
I have often in the last 20 years spent many moments where I just fell in love with watching them grow. Whether in size, mentality or spiritually.

Right now because my daughter is the only one home and we are also homeschooling we have spent a lot of time together. This can have it draw backs as I am a person that needs some alone time to function. However it has had way more advantages. I am learning so much about her. I am also able to teach her things that I might not have otherwise. We have many talks sometimes about nothing and sometimes so meaningful they blow my mind away.

Example: This past spring we were driving to town for dance and we were discussing some of her friends and that they were wearing heaving make up already. ( They are 13 and younger) I asked her if that was something she really wished she was able to do. She replied no I know that I am beautiful without that stuff. Wow I mean wow. Makes my heart grow.

I know how hard it can be to be a young teenager and want to fit in with all your friends so I am so happy that she seems content not to bother with all that.

She is growing so much this year spiritually as well.
We have been doing devotions morning and night and often I get asked many thought provoking questions. Such as : Has God ever spoken to you?
She stated yesterday that she felt that she was as close to God as she wanted to be. I love that she desires to grow in His Word.
This morning we were reading our Daily Bread Devotional and it was from Jonah 1. All of chapter one actually. When I stopped reading from the bible she wanted to more about the story, she wanted me to keep reading on, since we were leaving the house right away I let her use my phone which has a bible app on it so she could read it later on in the day. She has since told me several times how much she enjoys that book. (Coincidentally it is one of my favorite books as well. )

This is such a special time for her and for me. I am loving every minute of it. ( Even when sometimes I am not liking it. LOL)

Sarah and I being a little crazy this summer.
I am so blessed to be a Mom.


  1. Love this post! It's a fun and honest tribute to being a mom.


  2. That is just awesome! What a blessing to have this time with just her at home and to be able to deepen your relationship with her. It sounds like she is growing into quite a wonderful young lady!