Thursday, 3 November 2011

Thankful Thursday

As  I was thinking today about all the different stuff that I could write for this post, I realised just how lucky I am. So I thought that instead of writing about just one thing I would start just listing some of the things that I am thankful for.

I have an amazing life.
I have three beautiful children.
I have three babies waiting for me in heaven. (this may seem strange to say as a thank you but without ever losing these three to miscarriage I would never had the empathy that I do now. Nor the ability to share my story when needed)
I have an amazing husband, whom I love more and more each day.
My husband has a great job. His wages pay all our bills and allows us some extra expenses sometimes, like our recent trip to Vancouver Island. It also allows me to be a stay at home homeschooling mom.
I have a very reliable vehicle to drive.
I have a stable roof over my head.
I have running water and electricity.
I have a inside washer and dryer.
I have super amazing friends.
I am meeting more wonderful people that I know are going to be very good friends one day.
I have started this blog and through it have gotten to know some wonderful ladies that I only wished I lived closer to.
I am growing everyday in my relationship with the Lord.
I am proud to be a Christian.
I live in a country that I can say that without harm to myself or my family.
That I have finally figured out what has been making my tummy so upset for so long and the change to being gluten free was actually pretty easy all in all.
My grown boys have both found great jobs.
I have a excellent church and a fantastic pastor and his wife.

Ok I know there is actually a trillion more but these are just some of the top few.
I live a great life.
God has blessed me in so many ways that leave me in awe all the time.

Now before I leave I have to leave you with this little tidbit. I was driving my daughter into town for dance tonight and she was talking non stop, chattering away. I was trying to think and plan in my head for the upcoming meeting that I was attending tonight. All the sudden she asked if she could turn up the radio, ( I keep it tuned to the Message channel) I said sure and what song is playing?
This is the stuff by Francesca Battistelli.

Now if you have not heard this song please please listen to it.
As soon as I heard what was playing I knew this was a God moment. I even chuckled to myself at how he was using my daughter to get my attention.

Love it!!!! I have been singing the song all night. :)

I am linking up tonight with Brandy at The Marathon Mom.

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  1. I love that song Sherri. Thank you for sharing it. I love your list and never make excuses or explanations regarding what you are thankful for. I too am thankful for the little one waiting for my family for I was reminded who was my strength and who lifted me and gave me peace.

    I left you a present at my blog. :)