Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Searching for the perfect Mom

I'm not a perfect Mom. There I said it.

 I don't always make supper, sometimes we eat out, have leftovers or what my daughters favorite thing is fend for yourselves night.

I very rarely make breakfast. Instead my three kids have survived on cold cereal, microwave oatmeal or frozen waffles.

I would love to have the laundry always done, folded and put away as soon as each load comes out, however this is rarely done. I have smartened up and each child has their own laundry basket. That way when I fold the laundry into their basket it goes. Now do they always put it away right away? Nope.

I would love to have make my own laundry detergent. I really really hope to one day. But for now it is Gain for me.

I would love to always be happy and lovable the kind of Mom that even when she corrects her children she doesn't lose her temper. However I am not. I sometimes stay calm, not always though.

I love organization, my home even runs better with it, however I often fall of the track even for only a few days but it always seems harder and harder to get back on track.

I would love to get up early and read my bible every day. This summer for two months I even managed to do that. But then this drasted cold weather and dark later every day hit and my bed just seems WAY to comfy to climb out of.

I would love to have the house where it is always dustless and fingerprintless. But I do not.

I read blogs, or articles or even my friends facebook status's and I feel lazy. How is that they managed to get up, bake bread, a dozen pies, do 5 loads of laundry, make pancakes for breakfast, have their house cleaned, have 2-3 small little ones running under foot and this is all before 1 in the afternoon. Argh here I am sometimes still in my jammies after we have 'schooled', maybe a load in the washer and possibly something in the slow cooker for supper.

I would love to be a much better Mom, wife and woman. But alas I am not.

The thing that I have to constantly remind myself is that God loves me for who I am, imperfect and all.
I am imperfect and that is ok.

I read a blog yesterday from a blog linkup that my friend Jenilee is having. ( You need to go check out her blog it is amazing and there is also some fantastic ladies that have linked up)

However the blog that I read reminded me that too often we spend too much time comparing ourselves to others. We are made unique and individual.

I am sorry that I can not remember that lady's name and blog. I had all these blogs lined up that I wanted to add and comment on and then my computer went kitty wonkas and shut down. When I went back today to look I was unable to find the right one. So Jenilee if you read this and know which lady I am referring too can you please email her blog address. I loved her blog and would like to read more. Thank you.

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