Thursday, 16 February 2012

Thankful Thursday

I am continuing my theme this week of love.
Love for my amazing children.
Love for my oldest whom still wants to get together with us regularly. He phones often and desires our opinion.
Love for my middle child. Whom likes to march to his own beat. Whom is very independent and determined to this his way.
Love for my daughter. Whom is growing up so fast, yet still wants to cuddle with her Daddy.

Love for my handsome hubby. Whom I love and adore more everyday. He surprised me today with some chocolate and candy. In fact I asked him if he had read yesterday's post. I chuckled out loud when he proved my point once more.

I am a very fortunate lady. I have my health. I have both of my parents still living. I have a fantastic family, whom all are healthy as well.

I am a very blessed lady!

I am linking up with Brandy at The Marathon Mom who also was blessed this week with the birth of her 8th son. Congratulations to her and her family.

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