Thursday, 2 February 2012

Thankful Thursday

Wow what a roller coaster of emotion today.
 I started this post as not thankful Thursday. 
I started to tell you all about the emotional evening I had with my daughter. 
I wanted to share about how upset I was with what was happening in my daughter's dance studio. How the teacher was running her business and how things are so hard that my 13 year old daughter is turning her love for dance into hate and how she now wants to drop everything because she is becoming scared of her teacher.
However I decided that I NEED today especially to be thankful.
I had to dig deeper into myself for that today though. 
Some days are just like that.
Today I am thankful for...
The fact that hubby and I are back looking at houses and think we might have found one we can see some real potential in.
I am thankful for the fact that even though my beautiful daughter was having a terrible, terrible day she still manages to laugh and to know that we love her unconditionally. 
I am thankful that my hubby is home so that we can address this issue with her dance studio together. We will be able to keep each other grounded.
I am thankful that my beautiful daughter finally seems to be kicking her head cold.
I am thankful that there is beautiful weather in February.
I am thankful that I have an amazing family who love each other and hurt when one of the other ones hurt. We worry about each other and want the best for each of us. 
I am thankful for a God that loves us, cares for us, forgives us each and every time and is there for us always.

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