Saturday, 25 February 2012


I started the evening actually updating my blog. Actually following the blogs that I have been already reading and putting them on my dashboard so that it makes life a whole lot easier. So here I am adding blogs and catching up on some that I have not read in a while. Then I added Here I am.... I read her most recent post and I stopped adding. I then spent the next few hours lost here.
I so badly want to be able to help each and everyone of these beautiful children. My heart is hurting tonight.
The really ironic part is that lately I have been feeling that God is moving me away from adopting. I actually have stopped reading most of my adoption blogs that I was scouring and settling into my new life. (The life where we actually do not adopt any children that is). Then I find this site and I am lost again.
How can I not want to help at least one of these beautiful children? How can I not want to be able to make at least one life somewhere somehow better.
I realize that financially right now that this is possibly out of the question. I also realize that neither my hubby nor I are spring chickens. However that doesn't stop my heart.
So now I ask for prayer.
Prayer that God leads myself and my hubby in the direction that we are supposed to go and that whichever way it is he helps prepare our hearts for what lies ahead.


  1. I will be praying for the fullness of His will revealed to you!

  2. Praying for you -- that you would see and feel His presence in your life, leading you and your husband in the way that you should go.

  3. Praying along with your as we allow our hearts to break under His will for us. It's so hard to go from the point of wishing/ heart breaking to action...action that would require a lot of stepping out in faith, risk, paperwork and trusting God for money that just isn't here. Congrats on being my 100th follower! ;) I've been at 99 for several months, not that I'm blogging for numbers but it was fun to finally see 100. It was nice to "meet" you that way!

    1. Thank you Carla. It has been an interesting journey so far.
      Why thank you. I must admit it is pretty cool to be your 100th follower. Although I also must admit that I have been reading your blog for some time and just decided to finally follow the correct way.

  4. Hi Sherri! I'm so glad I checked out your blog tonight, because now I feel very burdened to pray for you and your husband. I admire you so much for seeking the Lord in this. He will bless your faithfulness to Him!!