Monday, 6 February 2012

Sometimes life can change in a blink of a eye

Two years ago tonight my cousin and her husband were getting ready to go on a night out. 5 kids and many work trips made this couple try to get out and enjoy each other as much as they could.

They never made it home. A drunk driver ran a red light slamming into their car and killing both of them.

5 children without their parents.

2 sets of parents lost not only one child but also another one of their heart.

Siblings lost siblings.

Cousins, aunts, friends, nieces, nephews, etc all lost something that day.

All because an individual made a choice. Made a choice that he had made before, and that was to drink and get behind the wheel of a vehicle.

My heart aches.

It aches not only for my cousins family, (children, parents, siblings, her husbands family) but also for this individuals family.

One of the shining joys in this is that my cousin and her husband were Christians. They knew God. They believed. I know that one day I will see her again. We will sit down and have a long visit.

I pray that in this tragic event that something amazing will happen. May this prevent many other individuals from climbing behind that wheel intoxicated. May they call for that ride home. So that another family stays safe together. Their lives goes on just like they always have.
That when tomorrow comes I pray that another family is not dealing with the sudden loss of a family member taken away too soon.

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