Wednesday, 15 February 2012

A change of plans

I know today is the day I normally post my old film picture, however as I was reading Sam's post today it really got me thinking.
I married a 'good guy'. One that I would call a good guy anyway. He works extremely hard so that I have almost always been able to stay home and raise our children and take care of the home. He loves his parents and his brother very much and even phones his parents very regularly. He loves me and the kids very much. He does buy my flowers occasionally, but more it is the little things that he does. Such as picking me up a chocolate bar on his way home, (I am VERY lucky) or doing dishes one night, maybe making supper or giving me a spur of the moment back rub while we are watching some TV. He takes time to talk and listen to our children. He is curious about what is happening in their lives. He writes me poems, he love talks to me on Facebook. He makes sure that we all know just how much he cares.
So for Valentines Day I wanted to show him how much I love him. I do things in my love language as well to show him I love him. Like make sure the house is clean when he comes home from work, or let him have naps on his days off. Watching some documentary with him that when I would sometimes sooner be reading. ( but I really want to spend time with him doing the things he enjoys).  So for Valentines Day as I wrote about yesterday, I did some baking for him and made him his favorite meal.
As I was doing this my daughter was all giddy. She kept making me smile as she was exclaiming how cool this was and telling me that I was the best wife ever.
Now I must admit I do not always feel like the best wife ever. I let down my husband in many ways, but I do strive to be better every day.
But what it really got me thinking today when I read Sam's post.
I realized that what I did yesterday was more than just show my husband how much I love him and honor him, it was also about showing my daughter how to love her future husband.
I pray that one day she looks back on yesterday and pulls from that experience so that she can show her husband just how cherished he is.
So yesterday I hopefully showed not only my love but how to love.
Tonight that makes me one happy Mom/Wife. :)


  1. I agree! When we show our children how much joy it brings to do for each other, and please each other, they see that marriage can be happy, but that it doesn't just happen. Good marriages have constant giving from each side.

  2. How true! Not only do we have to learn how to love, but also we have to teach our children to do so as well.