Wednesday, 25 January 2012

A trip back in time...

Well its that time again.
Time for some reminiscing.

Seeing this picture just makes me smile. 
Rob's parents came to Vancouver Island to visit us. We went to their hotel room, set up the timer and wham bam bob's your uncle that's how this picture came about.

I can hardly believe how much my family has changed since then. These two adorable, sweet, innocent looking boys are now 20 and 18. We have added another one to the mix who is almost 14 already. Wow time really does fly. Why is it that I truly feel no older than I am here. ( most days anyway)

Things were really tight for us. I was and am still a stay-at-home Mom. Rob has always been the main bread earner. During this period in our lives the bread was just sliced a lot thinner. But we were really happy. The kids were doing great and we were enjoying our time as a little family. And to think I felt really old here. LOL 

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  1. Thank you for sharing this Sherri. I love you acknowledge that even though things were tight, you were happy. A great reminder to be content with what we have. :)