Sunday, 8 January 2012

Loving the outside

In our family a bad day outside is still way better than a good day inside, and a fantastic day outside is well simply wonderful.

We all love to get outside and go. We camp, quad, hike, etc in the spring summer and fall and in the winter we love to ride our snowmobiles. This winter however we have had very little snow which makes it awfully hard to get out on our machines. So today we improvised. Although we have some snow we hardly have enough to deter us from taking our quads out and going for a ride.

Rob, Sarah and myself loaded up the quads, added a picnic lunch some warm clothes and away we went. We drove about a half hour away to a very good trail, unloaded, dressed up and took off for some quality time.

We rode for about an hour, touring different things on the way until we came to a staging area. We stopped, started a fire and had a picnic.

Sarah off playing while we get the fire going and the lunch laid out.

My handsome hubby starting the fire.

Hubby grabbed the camera and snapped me being crazy. Pretty usual around these parts. :)

Apparently we were disturbing a squirrel from his winter respite. I popped on my good lens and went over for a couple pics. He didn't seem to mind at all as long as I stayed far enough away.

My hubby and daughter enjoying some food. Nothing like a picnic in the middle of winter. The weather was so gorgeous here. +9 Celsius.
My turn for lunch.
Such a beautiful day.

Such a glorious time enjoying His creation.

I am so thoroughly blessed.

Happy Sunday everyone!!!

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  1. What a fun day. You have inspired me. If it is warm this weekend I may see if my hubby wants to go hiking with the kids and have a hot dog fire lunch. :)