Friday, 13 January 2012

Happy Birthday to my Mom!!!

This is my Mommy. Yep I still sometimes refer to her as my Mommy. She turned 83 today. This picture was taken just this past Christmas.

What can I say about this lady? Well like any good Mother - daughter relationships we have definitely had our ups and downs, we have had disagreements (mostly when I was growing up and testing the waters), but for the most part things are pretty smooth.

She is a very talented lady. She quilts, she sews, she bakes, she cooks amazing meals, she helped my
Dad farm for many years, she bore six children, she lost many brothers and sisters as well as her parents, she had tuberculosis and was put in (at the time) a asylum because of it. ( To keep her quarantined)
She has suffered many losses, many pains but also she has had some pretty great joys in her life.

My parents were married 63 years this past December. They still live on their own. Mom still makes 99% of the meals. The other 1% Dad buys. Lol

My Mom has taught me so much. I learned how to parent through her, I learned how to sew, how to bake, ( I much prefer baking over cooking). I learned how to be a good wife ( at least I like to hope that I am). I learned how to love God.

I am blessed that God choose this wonderful lady to be my Mom!!

Happy Birthday Mom!! I love you!!!!

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