Friday, 20 January 2012

3 in 30

Well not a great week as far as my goals. But oh well, not a bad week either all in all.

1. Finish up my to do sewing list I have.
Nope and in fact I found some more things on Pinterest that I would love to make. Darn Pinterest. LOL
I did however manage to finish up a fleece blanket that I crochet around the edges. It was supposed to be a gift for my son's girlfriend but my daughter is going to a birthday party tomorrow and needed a last minute gift so gave that. Off to town tomorrow to buy more fleece and make more. Maybe make a couple so that I have an extra gift on hand. LOL

2. Clean up and declutter my desk.
Ok this I was actually fairly successful on. I found my desk, filed a lot of stuff and worked on throwing out some stuff as well. I still need to shred last years bills but getting closer to getting this task done.

3. Try new recipes weekly.
Did not manage to accomplish this. Although again same as sewing I found some more Pinterest recipes that I would like make. One of them will be this Sunday so I will let you all know how it goes.

I know that this week was not all that I wanted it to be, but it's not the end of the world. My main goal is to work on it and work on it I shall.

I can do all things through God who gives me strength. :)

I am linking up today with Ashley over at the 3 in 30 weekly linkup.
Come on over and encourage some wonderful ladies out.


  1. Your goals sound great, and the important part is that you are still working toward them. I keep finding more recipes I want to try but never getting to them. Eventually...

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Hey, you are making progress! I would love to be more crafty!

  3. You are making progress!! keep it up. I do get your pintrest love!!! That is such an awesome site, but can be extremely distracting. I dont know if will help you, but I have started keeping a kitchen timer by my computer to keep me from losing so much time on it.

    1. Yes I do tend to lose track of time. A timer would be a great idea. My daughter is home schooled so when she is working independently I sneak over to the computer and have 'Mommy time" LOL.

  4. Goals are a good thing even if you don't quite reach them!

    1. Thank you. I find I love this 3 in 30 cause it pushes me to keep working towards them.

  5. I need to make trying a new recipe one of my goals!

  6. Jenilee there is a ton of great GF recipes on Pinterest. A great way to try something new and be healthy. :)