Sunday, 29 January 2012

Random 11

Now I know that I do not normally post on Sundays but first of all my girly is not feeling well so she is in bed sleeping and even more exciting is that Ms Jennifer over at Mommy Y selected me to be one of her 11 chosen people. LOL So I figured when I have the spare time anyway, why not blog. :)
I actually think in weird randomness so this challenge works for me. So thank you Jennifer.

Here are the rules:

1. Post the rules.
2. You must post 11 random things about yourself.
3. Answer the questions set for you in their post.
4. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
5. Go to their blog and tell them you've tagged them.
6. No stuff in the tagging section about " you are tagged if you are reading this" You have to legitimately tag 11 people.

Ok so that was number 1 taken care of.

Here goes number 2.

1. I secretly wish that we lived on a farm and were honest to goodness farmers. The same as my parents were. I just know it it VERY hard to make a living at it, and it is VERY hard work. But just the same I would love to raise cattle and horses not chickens.

2. I dislike chickens. Not to eat but just have an irrational fear of them. Not baby chicks either just full grown hens and roosters. When I was a kid my sister had a pet rooster that she convinced my parents to keep over the winter. In the spring it chased me and I still very much dislike hens and roosters to this day.

3. My eyes change color depending on my mood or how I am physically feeling. They normally are a boring shade of green but they can change from green to blue to a deep purple depending. A deep purple is a good sign. It means I am very, very happy.

4. I love large families and wished that we would have had about 7 children. Not in the cards for us but I still wish it would have been.

5. I dislike the dark. When I get ready for bed when hubby is at work I make sure to leave at least one light on till I am almost asleep.

6.I am in love with the color grey.

7. I collect recipe books. I even have one that was my Mom in laws, Mom in law. If you follow that. It talks about how to properly cut up a cow.

8. I love taking pictures. I am not very good, but practicing.

9. I love my new camera that my handsome hubby bought me for my birthday. It takes amazing pics.

10. I want desperately to live back on Vancouver Island. We have great friends there and I also have several family members there as well. I love the life style and relaxed atmosphere there.

11. The reason we haven't moved back yet is due to the age of our parents and the fact that our only child left at home will be graduating in 4 years. We figure we can wait that long. :)

Ok so now onto number 3. Here are my answers to Jennifer's questions. Good questions by the way Jennifer.

1. What is your favorite kind of book.
Romance. I love Christian romance, historical romance, really any kind of fictional romance just not overly trashy romance. I don't need details. :)
2. Do you fold your laundry and put it away right away or do you leave it in a basket?
Depends on my mood and how much laundry I have already done. Last load often gets left in the dryer. But usually I like to fold it up and put it away. Many years ago, I got my kids there own laundry baskets and I fold  up their clothes and put in them and then they have to put their own away as well as their own towels as we have separate bathrooms.
3. What is your favorite food to eat?
Chocolate. That's a food group right? LOL
4. What has been your favorite age to be?
Ok that's a toughie. I am not sure. I have enjoyed all the stages in my life ( mostly anyway).
5. If you owned a zoo, what animal would you feature?
Hmmmmm, giraffes?
6. What do you call your decorating style?
Unique collection of things that I enjoy? LOL My hubby is modern and I am more country, relaxed. So we combine. Shabby chic maybe.
7. What did you do for your favorite date ever?
My hubby is pretty romantic so he is pretty good about finding new ways to keep our romance going. One of the first dates we had he picked me up and we went to get a sub sandwich and then went on a picnic in the middle of winter. It was pretty cool. (literally LOL)
8. What is the craziest thing you ever done?
You mean other than getting married at 19 and having a baby at 20? We once drove from Vancouver Island back to here for a weekend. That is 24 hours one way. Not much sleep that weekend. Oh and we had two small kids at the time.
9. What is your all time favorite movie?
I am a sucker for romance so Dirty Dancing, Pretty Woman, PS I love you, that kind of thing.
10. What is your favorite quiet moment Mom breakfast.
Oh your serious? Well first I don't really do breakfasts but I do smoothies. So I guess that would be it.
11. Are you a lawn gnome, a pink flamingo, or stationary kind of lawn designer. Elaborate.
Waterfall. Relaxing, always moving and always having people go pee? hahahahahahaha

Ok onto number 4, my victims er lucky chosen individuals. :)

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Number 5. 11 questions my victims get to answer.

1. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
2. What is your funniest childhood memory?
3. Do you have a favorite recipe?
4. If you never had to worry about money, what would you do?
5. What is your favorite tip on being frugal with money?
6. What is your favorite song?
7. Ok I am from Saskatchewan, Canada and we LOVE our football team here so, do you have a favorite sports team? Elaborate.
8. What is your favorite room in your house? and Why?
9. Do you have any photography tips that you would like to share?
10. I am a new home schooler in my first year, if you home school do you have any funny stories?
11. What do you enjoy doing most with your family?

Now I will be hopping over to everyone those fine ladies and letting them know. I sure hope that everyone can participate. I am looking forward to seeing some new randomness. :)



  1. I'm so glad you decided to play! Love your randoms. Chocolate is indeed a food group! 8)

  2. I'm a laughing victim. I will definitely do this this Friday for Caffeinated Randomness. Thanks Sherri!!

    1. Fantastic Michelle. I look forward to reading it then!!!

  3. I will see what I can do about answering these questions! :) so fun!

  4. Awesome Jenilee!! I can't wait to see what your answers are. Thanks for being a victim er... participant. :D