Monday, 30 January 2012

I am not perfect!

I might as well get that out in the open now!
I am not perfect!
My hubby is not perfect! Although I think he is pretty fantastic!!
My children are not perfect.
My parents are not perfect.
My siblings are not perfect.
My friends are not perfect.
We all mess up on a regular basis.
 I fail, I sin, I ask for forgiveness on a hourly daily basis. I spend many minutes praying for strength, just to get through the rest of the day. I walk away from my daughter when she is frustrating me so that I don't scream and yell at her. I snap at my handsome hubby and my children. They all have seen the worst in me. I am not proud of this but it is the truth. I have a short temper that I have to really watch.
I love my hubby and our children. I love the live that we have built. I would not change anything. All that has happened to our family in the past 21 years have made us who we are. We are beautiful. We are caring. We are happy. We are unique. We fight, we love, we mess up, we forgive, we live.
That is the wonderful thing for me about being a child of God. If he can forgive me for EVERYTHING I do, how could I not forgive others for what they have done. Now I am not saying this is always easy, oh no, but it is essential.
Because after all...
We are not perfect..
Only HE is!!!!

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