Thursday, 19 January 2012

A few days packed into one.

Wow I can hardly believe that it is already Thursday. I went to bed last night and realised that I had not blogged in a couple days. So today I will catch you up.
Tuesday I went off to my home town which is 2.5 hours away for the funeral of one of my cousins. I made this trip a tad bit longer as just as I was leaving my house my sister called me and asked if I would take her as her vehicle had no heat. ( When I drove away from my driveway my truck registered -38C before the windchill.) So of course I said for sure, however this took me a half an hour out of my way. Oh well the things little sis's do for their big sis's. LOL  Anyhoo ( I do tend to ramble), off to the funeral we went, had a very small visit with my parents and drop my sis back off at her house at 5 and then took off to Sarah's dance to relieve my hubby who had been up at 2:30 so that he could finish his work and then take Sarah to dance for me. ( I am a very lucky lady that he would do that for me. :)  ) I never got home until after 9 at night. So I decided to skip with my Truth Tuesday, I will write next week about it.
Wednesday was a cold day here. With temps with the wind chill in the -50's I decided that after Sarah's elive she could also have a cold day. It was rather a lazy day around here other than my hubby had to take a small trip to town to help out our son and Sarah had to practise dance for 2 hours it was till pretty lazy dazy. When I went to bed last night I realised that I never posted so here is A trip back in time.

Sorry about the terrible graininess with this picture but my scanner is not working so I took a picture with my phone of a scrapbook photo.

This picture sure takes me back. Here we are with our week old son. We are very new parents and so young and naive. I must say though that I am glad that I was not that aware of things. I did not realise all the dangers that could exist. We were starting out life together the three of us. Rob and I so young married less than a year and here is our adorable son. I remember all the fear that I had but also all the false confidence that I had. When Matthew was one month old I suffered from severe post partim (sp?). I was put in the hospital for a couple of nights. Mostly because I very sleep deprived. Then when our son was two months old my hubby was hospitalised with undetermined fevers. We almost lost him at that time. He was so sick he lost almost 100 pounds in two weeks. He was packed in ice with fans to try and bring his temp down. Two months after that our adorable son had reactions to his needles and he was hospitalised. ( Makes you kind of wonder how we managed to have more children. hahahaha) He was such a sick little guy. Fevers, coughing, phlegm build up so bad. It is so terrible when your child is sick no matter what age but for new parents with all that we had gone through already I think I might have started to get a little crazy. LOL

Looking back life became easier some years and harder some years but through it all we survived with God's grace.

So today is thankful Thursday.

Today I am thankful for my hubby. My heart still skips a beat when he calls me or when he walks into a room. It most defiantly stops when he gives me that smile or when he looks at me like there is no one else around.

After almost 21 years of marriage and close to 22 years of being a couple we are still finding ways to be romantic and show the other one how much we care. For me it was sending him notes or making him supper that I know he will enjoy. For him it is buying me that chocolate bar or working so hard to support us.
He put on facebook the other day asking me for a date this Saturday. He asked me formally. I must say it was awesome. I loved being 'courted' like that.

This marriage of mine has not been without its downs but I can honestly say they most definitely pale in comparison to the fantastic times we have had.

He is always there to support me when things are rough and when things are great. He knows how to make me smile when I really am not in the mood to do so. He can make even the worst day seem even a little brighter.

I love this man so much and I am so thankful that this May we will be celebrating 21 years of marriage!!!

I am such a lucky lady. :)

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