Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Wordless wednesday or close to wordless wednesday

I can't really call it wordless wednesday when I am actually typing out words so it is close to wordless wednesday. First of all I am sorry for neglecting here lately. I needed some time with my hubby away from here and some time to think. Alot of things going on that I wanted to process cause that's how I roll.
This is our adorable kitty that we adopted in June. She is now almost 6 months old. Here she was cuddling on the couch with me trying the sitting like a human position. I am not sure she realises she is not human.

Ok how can you not just giggle at that.

So when I saw my girl wearing these 3d glasses reading this comic book I quickly grabbed my phone to snap a pic.

Then she saw me and wanted me to take this one...

How I love this girl growing in a young woman and struggling to find her own identity. Cross between being an young adult and being a child. I love the fact that she can still enjoy the simple things and laugh at herself.

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