Monday, 26 September 2011

Hubby is coming home!!!!

My handsome hubby is coming home tomorrow!!! I am so excited. It will be 23 days since I saw him. I miss him, the kids miss him, I even think Pepper our kitty misses him. LOL
We get him for a whole 6 days before he heads back again but this time only for 4 days and then he is off as we are heading to BC for a wedding!
I feel like running around the house, hubby is coming home, hubby is coming home! Doing a little happy dance!! ( I'll leave my happy dance to your imaginations heeheehee)
Poor guy is going to feel over worked here at home as we have to get the yard and the trailer ready for winter, but the holidays after that will make up for it. :)
I am so pumped up to be held in that man's arms again.
He is my physical strength and emotional support. I would be so empty without him. God most definitely blessed me with that man.


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