Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Truth Tuesday

Hello my name is Sherri and I am a planner. (otherwise know as a tad bit of a control freak)
I like to do things my way. I like to make sure I have all the ducks lined up in a row so that I can be confident about what is going to happen.
For example...My handsome hubby and I are heading to Vancouver Island for Thanksgiving to celebrate the marriage of one of our long time very good friends to his fiance. ( I must insert here that I am so excited about this and am looking very much forward to hubby and me time as well). The problem I am facing right now is our daughter. She is 13 and very much involved in dance. We are supposed to leave Friday and she dances Friday. We were hoping not to be back till like Thursday and She dances Tuesday and Thursday. She also is working at Sunday School on that Sunday. Now some of this should not be a problem as our oldest still lives at home and usually has weekends off so he could drive her to and from church and pick her up from dance as well so she could come home and do her schooling. However how would I get her to dance? (by the way we live 25 minutes away from town, aka the dance studio) Our middle son lives in town but works weird hours and is not always available.
Now back to my planning issues. I do not have all my ducks lined up, in fact they are just floating all over the place, some even in different ponds. This quite honestly is freaking me out. Remember I like to be in control and clearing over this I am not. My hubby is much more relaxed about this.
I know I just need to relax and see what falls in to place closer to the time. Especially regarding my sons' shifts.
Now I can also turn this over to my spiritual life. I like to be in control right? Well this does not work so well with the Lord. I need to turn over control to him. This is very hard and honestly lots of times I fail. The funny part is I know that HIS way is better. I know that HIS  plans are much more sufficient for me than mine can ever be. So why is it that I can not let it go? Fear?
That is my prayer for the day that I learn to let HIM lead me and that I am happy and accepting of that path that HE heads me on.

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  1. I can so relate to this. I can so relate! I love your last few paragraphs especially. I am so aware lately that control is just an illusion and that God is the only one in control. I know that I need to let go and allow Him to take over, but it's very hard for me to do. I am working at it!

    (thanks so much for linking up to Truth Tuesday!)