Friday, 16 September 2011

3 in 30 update

So far so good.
1. Keep reading my Bible in 90 days.
This is still going amazing! I am now in Jeremiah. I will attest that now with the cooler weather getting my butt out of bed before S so I can do my reading has been more of a challenge lately. In fact this week I have read twice while she was doing school work alone. However my goal was to read not necessarily get up before her so goal obtained so far.
In fact my kitty thinks that these mornings are perfect for cuddle time with my while I try to read. Makes it a bit more difficult but I love it. Nothing like a cuddly kitty on a cool morning with the Word of the Lord being absorbed.

2. Stay with the plan to remain frugal and help pay off the debt faster.
Still working with this. I love doing little things like now using vinegar for fabric softener. Not only am I saving money but I am also doing my small part for the environment. I also am buying WAY less groceries. I LOVE menu planning. It takes quite a bit of time once a month but in the long run so worth it. I will admit we tweak as we go. Some days we have alot of leftovers so some meals don't get made but all in all that is alot better than  buying takeout or scrambling around trying to figure out what to buy so paying $30 everyday on groceries plus the regular grocery shop. Now I only go once a week for perishables or if we absolutely need something. Saving tons this way. All the extra mula is going onto bills. We also cut out one cell bill and and at the end of this month another is gone. That is going to help tons!!!!!

3. Do some sewing.
This is going fantastic. If you checked with me last week you will have seen that I made my first ever rag quilt.  Well this week I made myself a new fall tablecloth.

It is so easy to do. I forgot how much I enjoy it. I hope to make alot more, maybe some Christmas presents?

On a side note I just want to add how excited I am about S's homeschooling so far. On Wednesday she received back her first science test which she received 70% on. Last year she was failing with a 31%. Today she received her first ever home ec assignment back and she received 100%. I am so happy that we made the decision to homeschool. She is on the whole happier and more focused on other activities instead of being frustrated day in and day out. Don't get me wrong it is not all sunshine and rainbow by a long shot. Many time I say to her I am walking away till she calms down or I calm down and we can work again.

Ok so how is everyone else doing on their 3 in 30?


  1. Yay for "S"! Homeschooling is such a wonderful blessing! Hard days? Yes. For sure! The benefits and rewards of it make it worth the effort though. :) I spoke just last night at a homeschool support group meeting about keeping perspective in our homeschooling. There are some days I (and every other homeschooling mom) want to throw in the towel! BUT, when we remember what it is we desire to teach our children... all built on the foundation of Jesus Christ (the ONLY ONE who can truly give them a passion for their calling)... it makes it all SO WORTH IT. :)

    You look pretty darn cozy in your chair, with your bible, and your fuzzy kitty. What a great way to start the day! I'm sure you are so blessed by that time.

    Have a joyful weekend.

  2. BTW, I said, "You look pretty DARN cozy in your chair". But it looks sort of like dam. ha! I know that's not how you spell the curse word, but still... made me laugh. :)