Sunday, 18 September 2011

Happy Sunday!

What a glorious day this was.
Tiring yes,
Exhilarating yes,
Informational yes,

Ok ok I get off topic.
Sarah had some friends stay over last night. I always call it a stay over because I don't believe much sleeping takes place. They decided to sleep in our camper. Did I mention that it is not getting down to like +5 at night. Brrrrr. Somehow they all did it and when I went to go get them this morning for breakfast they were all chipper and not complaining about the night at all.
Then we rush and get ready, the girls go home and S and I take off to church. (like little mad hatters, because no matter what we are always running out the door a 5 minutes late).
 Anyway...we get to church on time and sit down to a fantastic service. I really wish you all could come to my church to listen to my pastor speak. The man has got talent. He challenges you, he turns around on himself, he make His Word real. He makes you laugh, he makes you cry. He is honestly using his talents 100% to share Gods Word with us.
One thing that our church is now doing is Monvee. Does anyone know what that is? In a shortened form it is making a plan to help you grow in your spiritual walk the way that works best for each individual person. I am getting so excited for this. Next week I plan on getting a package and sitting down and working on mine. This is going to be just what the Lord is yelling in my ear about.
Plus something else that our church is now doing is if you have a smart phone you can download an app called the YouVerson bible and follow along during the service. The weekly scripture is there, his points are on there, various links to the church website, plus locations for you to take notes, etc. It is a pretty darn cool app and I enjoyed using it today for the first time.
Our pastor also challenged us today to use our spiritual gifts more. If we were unsure of them there was a link on our website to go to and do an online survey to learn more about what our particular gifts might be.
I learned that mine is mostly showing mercy with a strong follow up to pastor or shepard. Basically what it means is I like to serve other people. I am very empathic and I tend to relate very easy to others. I need to use this gift more I just need to figure out how. I am not a teacher, (well other than being there for my kids and now homeschooling S) However I was a Sunday school teacher assistant and fastly realized that was not the path for me. I love make things so I am guessing that will somehow be the path I take. Whether its making a quilt for a newborn, a shawl, dessert, or a meal. That will be more up my alley and something that I fully believe that I need to work on.

Than I went for lunch with an amazing friend of mine. We actually went to college together. The interesting part (and we were just discussing today how God was at work here) is that we both went as older adults and we took the same course. I was sitting by myself and she came over to see if she could join me. The rest is history. I have always considered her to be one of my great friends. I can talk to her about anything. She is an amazing listener and a strong Christian woman. We have since, through the struggles of everyday, fallen further from each other. This was not intentional but however it did happen. I am so happy that last week we reconnected and again this week. The lunch itself was nothing spectacular but the time with a great friend was cherished.

Then off to the dance shoe swap. Where $316 later, we walked out with 3 pairs of new shoes, a new bodysuit and a bun cover plus one another pair of shoes we purchased was the sample size so we can pick it up tomorrow. It seems like a lot but in reality not actually that much. I drooled over a pair of $230 boots for me yesterday. (never purchased them but drooled) So in the fact that we managed to get 4 pairs of shoes + bodysuit+ bun cover is actually not terrible.

On a sad note one my friends lost his father this week. He was only 57. So if you could pray for him and his family I ( and them) would very much appreciate it.

Wow what a wordy post but I guess I had a lot to say. LOL
I did mention in the beginning what a glorious day it was right. :)

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