Thursday, 8 September 2011

Thankful Thursday

I must admit that this morning I was having a hard time being thankful for much. This is the first year I am homeschooling our daughter and today met with some challenges. I was tired to start with and unfortunatley so was my daughter. So now you have two tired ladies with some hormone issues and quite frankly you can possibly get some snapping going on. Words not bodies. Hahahaha
However as the day wore on I became more and more thankful.
Our middle son came out for a visit today. Even though he only lives 25 minutes away he hasn't been home since July. So this was a real treat. I have seen him occasionally but pretty sporatic so just to see him, hug him and talk to him was a blessing all in itself.
Then for an added bonus he drove S into town for dance tonight so I got to have a rare bit of time for myself. I was able to go read some blogs and just relax.
Then I had to head into town and decided on a whim to grab my camera.
These are some of the pics that I managed to take.
This was just as I was leaving town.

This is just on the outskirts of my town.

This is of some of the crops laying in rows after being swathed.
I love this country I live in.
I love fall and the changing of the seasons.
I have lived in many different places and have found something to love everywhere but really I am a farmer's daughter at heart.

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