Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Wednesday's Walk

I want to do something a bit different this week. I am trying this out so bear with me.
I want to try and write something every week about how I am learning to walk closer to Jesus.

I want to do this for a couple reasons.
First so that maybe someone is inspired or can relate to the posts.
Second is to keep myself accountable. I love getting up in the mornings and spending time with HIM first off, however I also LOVE my sleep.  I tend to be very goal oriented so if I try and make this a goal that I am sharing with you guys then I should manage to to keep working at it.

I find that my daily walk is a struggle. Now don't get me wrong I have GREAT, AMAZING, days, however I also struggle. A LOT!!

I struggle with coveting what others have.
I struggle with loneliness.
I struggle with the need to please others instead of HIM.

I know the person that I want to be, now I have to learn how to be that person.
I know that I can not compare myself with anyone else.

No one is perfect!!
Everyone sins!!

Those are things that I need to remember on a daily basis. However HE will always, always, ALWAYS be there for me.
HE always forgives me. (even when HE is shaking HIS head wondering why I would do that)

Learning to walk to the walk I want to walk (follow that? LOL ) is not easy.
I know that I need to give up more.

I am starting with things that are while to some they may be easy for me not so much. Such as giving up some sleep in the morning so that I can spend time connecting with HIM  before my family wakes up.
I need to make it more of a priority to do a devotional with Sarah. She has one. We have done it together. Then we stop. I need to make sure that this becomes such a daily habit that we couldn't imagine doing a day without it.

I also want to make sure that people know that I am Christian. This for me doesn't mean shouting it from the roof tops but it does mean that I need to live for HIM more so that it shows in me.

I realize that this post is long and I do apologize but I needed to have a starting point.

What about you? How are you learning to walk the way you want to walk with the LORD?

I am linking up this week with Mary Beth and WIP (Work in Progress) Wednesdays


  1. Oh This is such a perfect post for WIP Wednesday! You are truly sharing the heart of the link-up! Check out Hello Mornings at They have accountability groups for getting up ahead of your kids for devotional time! I participated for the first time this summer and loved it!

    So glad to see you at WIP Wednesday! Keep coming back with your updates!
    Mary Beth

  2. Thank you!
    I actually joined the Hello Mornings for this fall. I am looking really forward to it!! I plan on linking up often. :)