Monday, 27 August 2012

My budding photographer

My daughter for the past few years has shown a love for taking pictures.
Now I must admit I have been leary about handing her my 'good' digital camera. I am scared that she will accidentially drop it and then voila I have no good camera again. However when I let go of my fears and give her my new one she has taken some really amazing shots.

A couple weeks ago we met up with Rob's parents for a picnic supper and a visit. I decided to take not only my camera but also my old one which my hubby has taken over. (whom by the way is also a great photographer).  When she started to get bored I handed her the camera and told her to go and take pictures of whatever she wanted. Such is the beauty of a digital camera. hahahaha

I must say that I have noticed in the past how beautiful some of the shots she has taken have been. She sees things very different from myself however they are gorgeous.

Love these flowers. I also love the dry cracked dirt. Such a testament to the prairies. 

Yep that is me looking like I am about to be sick. Truth was I was in a lot of pain. Both my tummy and back hurt. Seeing a side profile of me makes me more motivated to lose more weight. LOL

Love these two perspectives of the gravel road. 

I love the way she see things. She is not afraid to try new angles. I need to learn a thing or two from this girl.


  1. beautiful! I love the angles!

  2. Thank you Theresa! I love that looking at the world from her perspective!