Monday, 6 August 2012

A change for the good???, and the Photo of the Day

Tomorrow my handsome hubby starts at his new job. Well technically they are calling it a transfer as he is moving from one site to another. However in a lot of senses his job will really change. For example he will go from being in charge of 300+ guys to 2. His main scope here will be trying to get this part of the business to grow. To have the 300+ men working there. I know he is really excited about the opportunity. I mostly am too. I am a little sad at the fact that instead of having 15 days off a month he will now have 8. I told him today that it was ironic that he is 'moving' 5 hours closer and I will see him less.
However the one BIG bonus is that if he needs to or wants to he can drive home. That for us is priceless. He can be home for Thanksgiving supper or one of the kids birthdays. Our anniversary. Days like that. Events that he had to previously miss as he was on shift and worked 8 hours away.

There will be other adjustments of course but I am praying that God as always will provide.

We are using this time to make a lot of positive changes around here.

All in all I think I am looking forward to it as well. :)

Tomorrow is also the day that Sarah and I head off camping for 5 days. Adventure awaits. :)

Now the eagerly (or not ) awaited photo of the day.
Since we were crazy busy yesterday I am again posting two days at once. I also won't be posting the rest of the week until we get back on next Monday.

Yesterday was Logo. I desperately wanted to take a picture of the Apple logo but was unsuccessful so this is what I came up with instead.
 Today was writing. These are the farewell cards that hubby received from some of the guys that he worked with.

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