Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Top 10 Tuesday

Today my hubby surprised me and came home for an overnight visit. Now that he is working only 2.5 hours away he can do that. It has been wonderful. Even though he only left yesterday morning time away is always difficult and I LOVE our time together.
So as I was sitting down tonight to write my Top 10 and having this wonderful thing he did foremost in my mind I thought I would list some of the Top 10 really special things he has done for me.

10 things that have made me love even more and really truly appreciate him.

So here they are in no particular order.

1.  He brings me snacks.
When he was coming home every night he would often stop at the store and buy me a chocolate bar or some other snack that he knew I would love. Now that I have a limited menu option he is always on the look out for things that he knows I can have and would like.

2. He has given me a rose petal bath.
The first time he did this I was pregnant with our first son. I had terrible day sickness and couldn't hold much down. He bought roses and candles and then gave me a rose petal bath. It was awesome and soooo unexpected.
He has since done it a couple other times. Times in high stress or times when he just simply is being romantic.

3. Massages.
When he was home every Sunday he would watch football and give me a massage during the game. Many other times he has blessed me with nice shoulder massages or foot massages. These are heavenly.

4. My camera (s)
My first decent digital camera. He totally surprised me with. He knew I was coveting one so bad. So one day we went to the store and had me look drool over some cameras. He started to ask a lot of questions on which I would like, etc. Then he surprised me by buying it. He had been slowly saving money that I wasn't aware of and wanted to buy it for me.
My second (current) digital camera.
We were in Costco and he knew that was the one I was wanting. He just picked it out and kinda insisted we buy it when we did. I love it so much.

5. My iPad.
He bought me one for Christmas this past year. I will admit that in the beginning I thought it was going to be a bit of a waste, but now I use it so much.

6. My sewing machine.
He has bought both my sewing machines for me. Both were surprises and both I loved. The first I could never really get to work right but my current I love and have sewed several quilts, etc on it.

7. Giving me my 3 beautiful children.
He is an amazing father. He is caring, a great listener and a good disciplinarian. He is not only the father or our 6 babies, (3 which live with Jesus) but is also willing to be a father to more. He understands my desire to adopt and supports it.

8. Doing the dirty jobs around the house.
These can be things like emptying the sewer from the trailer, or giving the BBQ a good cleaning, or throwing away the mice that our kitty leaves as offerings at our door. He has caught a bird that she has let go in our house, he has changed gross dirty diapers, he has changed tires, pulled our son out of the ditch in the wee hours of the morning. He has done dishes, cooked suppers, did laundry, bathed our babies, help clean the house, mow the lawn, take trips to the garbage dump, clean things that really are nasty. He changes the propane for me and cleans the gross yucky hair out of the sink drain.
So many things that really I can't count them all.

9. He surprises me by coming home expectantly.
I love this. Today is not the first time but it is the first time in many years. I am looking forward to these kind of visits. :)

10. He works so hard so I can stay home.
This is probably one of my most favorite. He is willing to sacrifice his time with our family so I can be the full time one with them. This means more than words can say.

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  1. What a sweet gesture, the bath with rose petals! I have to say the one thing I appreciate the most about my hubby is the time he has given me with my children by being able to stay home. That is the greatest gift to me.

    1. The ability to stay home with your children is such an amazing gift isn't it!! It is one of the favorites that my husband has allowed me as well.

  2. That is fantastic!! That is a sweet list!! Isn't it wonderful to have been blessed with such a good guy??

    1. Thank you. I thank God for him daily. It is so wonderful to have him in my life.