Wednesday, 31 July 2013


God did not make me perfect.
He did not make be movie star beautiful.
He made me with average brown hair that I routinely change the color of when I can.
He made me with eyes that change color depending on the mood I am in. Yes this is true. It's weird I'll admit it, but true.

He did not make me model skinny.
He did not make me with beautiful skin.
He made me with a body that I will always have to work at to stay fit.
He made me with still now ache prone skin.

He did not make me happy, happy, joy, joy.
He did not make me a neat freak.
He made me with depression. I am sure so that I could emphasize with others that walk that path.
He made me enjoy living in a comfortable disarray. I am positive so that I could be more relaxed.

I am not perfect. Not if worldviews eyes.
I am perfect to HIM.

I stumble, I fall, I sometimes lay down on the side of the road while HE has to drag me.
I praise, I am thankful, I am blessed.

There is many times in my life when I am so sad by what I am not. I am not gorgeous. I will never be the woman that strangers look at and say she is striking.
However now I realize that I want to be the woman that strangers look at and see a glow. A glow of happiness, A glow on contentment.

I desire to have HIS light shine through me.
Guiding others to HIM.
The way that I know to honor HIM.
HIS way, HIS truth, HIS life.

Not mine...HIS!

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